How Do They Do That?

So I’m sitting here watching this guy redoing the drywall and I’m pretty impressed and slightly bewildered. The guy is doing the exact same thing I did originally finishing the seams, and yet his look so much better. Lol. He’s faster too!! Wtf? Lol. I mean I guess when you dedicate your professional life to something it gets much easier after doing it eight million times. I’m in awe. So quick, so efficient, doing the exact same thing lol. 

Anyway… I took the kids out for one last jaunt through the neighborhood last night. We’ll be moving next week. It was a little sad walking our usual route saying hi to the neighbors we know as our neighbors but not well beyond that, and enjoying our treasure hunt. The Twins were appalled. Absolutely appalled by the entire thing. I didn’t think babies could look so angry until I put them in their stroller for the first time. Lol. I’m not entirely sure why they were so appalled, but they certainly were. Even after our walk, they weren’t thrilled. It was weird that both of them were that way. Usually it’s just B2 who is apprehensive about new things, but apparently the sunshine and warmer weather offends them both.

I’m going to miss our yard more than anything while we’re in transition. Privacy, and safety for the Littles to go run and do whatever they wanted. I mean I was always out there watching, but it’s a different level of watching when I know there isn’t too much for them to get into, and I don’t have to worry about some stranger snatching them, or taking pictures of them, or following us home. *shudders* it’s only temporary, so we’ll survive the summer going to the park. We’ll have to wait until next Spring to install our fence at the new house anyway.

After giving Little so much freedom at home I’m not sure how we’re going to survive going back to apartment life. Trying to explain to her why she can’t run around all the time, or jump up and down, or turn the TV all the way up, all the little things that kids just do and she’s always done before is going to be a challenge. Plus getting all the kids in and out of the place is going to be a challenge… Ugh… I’m choosing not to think about that right now. I’ve got so much on my mind with this move right now anything else will make me explode. Lol.

I’ve reached my max stress threshold. I’m not in crisis, but I am forgetting things left and right. Important things like bills for the utilities and such. I almost forgot to pay the property taxes. Like I had until 4pm, and I hit submit payment on the website at 3:45pm. I also forgot the utility bill. We have 14 days after its due to make the payment without fear of disconnection. I kept having literal nightmares that I forgot to pay it, which of course reminded me to get it done today on day 15 after the due date. I arrived the moment the office opened just before they sent out their service men to disconnect things. 

Too close for comfort when I have the kids and it’s been hot and humid out. We can’t go without utilities. Especially since in the mess of everything else I had to abandon my breastfeeding putting the Twins exclusively on formula. It started as a supplement so I could have a few more moments to get chores done and eventually it was just easier for everyone to mix them a bottle. Which is disappointing on one front since everything was going so well, and somewhat of a relief on the other. They took right to it and didn’t seem to have any issues with weaning. B2 will get a little clingy every once and a while, but some snuggles seem to suffice. 

This also means I can finally start my cleanse and drop these last pesky baby pounds plus the few I’ve gained from skipping the gym and eating horribly trying to get ready to move. I still weigh less than I did before my pregnancy, I’m just more pudgy around the middle than I try to be. It’s mostly water retention from my horrible eating habits. Lol. I know exactly what it is and how to fix it, if only I had four more hours in the day. Eh, it will give me something to work on until we’re ready for move phase 2. 

Gotta have something to do instead of just sitting around with the kids all day to maintain my sanity in the apartment lol. Families who live in apartments, you have my utmost respect.