This morning at 8:30a my house was invaded by contractors to redo the drywall seams in…. Oh…. 75% of the house. Can’t leave while they’re here, and can’t get in their way. I’m currently hunkered down in the Twins’ room trying to keep Little entertained in her own room. The great news is that it’s all getting done at the same time so we won’t be doing this for weeks on end. It’s just weirdly inconvenient now. Lol.

I can’t really do much packing or anything else either while they’re working so… Here I am with three fussing kids. The Twins are getting thrown off their schedule which makes them fussy, and Little doesn’t like being in her room alone for more than an hour or two so she’s fussing, and it’s kind of a nightmare really lol. No, nightmare is too harsh. It’s very frustrating, and I pretty soon I’ll be crying right along with them. 

I am glad we’re getting this transition out of the way while the Twins are young. It’s stressful on them, but they won’t remember as they continue to grow. They won’t remember tomorrow when they wake up how frustrating their day is today. Lol. I’m just ready for this entire process to be over with, so we can move on to the next adventure that is building our new home.

Patience is NOT my strongest point. Not even a little. This waiting is about to drive me completely crazy. I mean I’m always partially crazy, but after all of these shenanigans? Lol. Argh!! Argh!! That’s pretty much how I feel right now about everything.