2B or Not B2

My Little B2 is really starting to shine here in recent weeks. Due to his thyroid condition he’s smaller, and ever so slightly behind in development compared to B1. The contrast has grown as far as size goes over the past month, but today B2 did something amazing. Little was playing a boisterous version of peekaboo ending in a slobbery raspberry instead of the usual squeal of peekaboo. B2 was sitting on my lap having fun, but not entirely engaged in the game. He was thinking about something, you could just tell that he was, with the expression on his face. 

Then with Little taking a break in her jumping, yelling, raspberries, B2 let go one of the quietest little whispering raspberries I’ve ever heard. After wards, when Little reacted yelling excitedly with a big smile on her face: “Mama!! He raspberries me!!” B2 lit up like a Christmas tree, smiled ear to ear, let out a laugh (which he hasn’t been able to really do with his laringomalacia) and continued to raspberry for the rest of the evening.  He was so happy it almost brought tears to my eyes. 

B2 has always had an anxious, serious demeanor about him. Who wouldn’t after being born and poked and prodded by a million doctors from day one? He’s had blood work done monthly since birth, some times more than once a month, and all sorts of tests. The poor kid had a rough start in life, and he has a long road ahead of him, especially with his delayed development. He’s earned the right to be serious and anxious lol. Seeing him genuinely excited and happy has been rare. He’s not a difficult baby by any means, just quiet and sort of introspective/introverted. B1 is very much extroverted and wants to be involved in all the things, all the time with an emotional spectrum to match. B2 doesn’t even make a peep unless he needs a clean diaper, or a snack. 

His smiles are so much more meaningful, his giggles are super special, and watching him excitedly learn a new skill and be so proud was just the best. It was just the best. A super special moment for everyone.