Tornadoes and Hobbits

Oh Midwest, US. Every few years we go through this and it’s always at the most inopportune times. Like, y’know, when I’m trying to sell my house. Tornado number 2 of the year touched down last night, a bit farther out than the first one but the sirens sounded, all the kids woke up, and hail have us a pretty hefty beating. 

Most years we have some notably severe storms, but it’s only every few years where tornadoes give us a run for our money. This year looks like it’s going to be one of those years already. We’re barely into tornado season and two have just missed us. I just hope we can close this deal before one gets the house lol.

Speaking of closing on this house… After their inspection the buyers had a laundry list of things that didn’t necessarily NEED to be fixed, but they wanted fixed. Most of it was covered through the warranty we purchased at listing which transfers to them after we close. Like… One thing wasn’t covered. Out of their entire list. ANYWAY… Because it’s all warranty work we have no say in who does it. We call the warranty company, and they subcontract it out to whomever they want, which means we’ve had strange contractors from all over Indiana in and out of the house over the past few days. 

Most of them have been through companies with letter heads, logos, etc. a bit nerve wrecking to have strange guys in my house when I’m home by myself, but eh, okay. They have an image to maintain, and if they want to keep their jobs won’t kidnap or murder me. Then we have the garage door guy. Oh, garage door guy. First of all, he shows up in a rusty, old, unmarked panel van at 8am in the morning. I’m like: “wait. No. This can’t be the garage door guy.” As he backs into our drive way. But it was. It WAS the garage door guy, and the man who stepped out of the shady van didn’t do much to put my mind at ease. 

My garage door was serviced by a Hobbit. A squat little man, in shorts and suspenders reminiscent of  lederhosen, black socks up to his knees, all with less than presentable personal hygiene. I was legit concerned for the first thirty minutes, that the Buffalo Bill of garage door service men was going to hit me over the head with a wrench and throw me into a pit with Precious. Thankfully, after the first 30min he warmed up a bit and turned out to be a pretty decent guy. Or he decided I wasn’t “right” for his serial killing fetish or something… But either way.

I guess it’s understandable why he was so standoffish at the beginning. It’s probably just as scary for these contractors to show up at houses these days with the drug trade as bad as it is here right now. He’s probably just as likely to be shanked or robbed trying to do his job, as he is likely to snatch a lonely old woman out of her house for nefarious purposes. Lol. 

We only have two more jobs to be done which means only two more companies to deal with. One scary person out of eight isn’t too bad, right?