Good Days, Bad Days

I have finally had a good productive day. I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water for a few weeks now with all the house stuff, but yesterday was a victory all around. Got the medical bills squared away, scheduled the contractors for all the trivial repairs (a full 48hrs before our deadline mind you), took care of the dishes, laundry, kids, dog, Hubs, and even a nice hot soak for myself. Everything just worked out beautifully for me yesterday. I didn’t particularly do anything differently, I just kept at it until things finally went my way. Yay, determination!!

Now I just need to get my dieting back on track, and we’ll be right as rain, primed and ready for the move. I wish the good days like this out numbered the bad days that seem to attack me all at once. These days seem to be hit and miss and I’m not even really sure why. My attitude isn’t any different, the circumstances don’t really change all that much, it just seems to be harder to get things done some days. If I could figure it out, why some days are better than others, I could be a millionaire I’m sure.

I guess that’s just how life is really. I am thankful to see MORE good days even if they are still spread out hither and yon. Idk, I just feel good today and figured I’d write that down too instead of sharing only my doom and gloom. Lol.


So I’m sitting there yesterday writing out the post for publication today, and I noticed the sky getting darker and the wind picking up. We were supposed to have storms all afternoon so I didn’t think too much of it. I pulled up my weather ap to see if there were any watches or warnings I should be aware of, but all I saw was a small little thunderstorm making it’s way across the state. Fifteen minutes after I closed my computer and put the laundry into the dryer, I was putting together a snack watching the rain turn to hail, and listening to my Little complain about how loud the rain was. It was kind of adorable because she was in her room for quiet time and all of the sudden I hear her scream from the back of the house: “Mommy!! Mommy I need you!” So I walk around the corner and ask her what she needs and she implores: “Mommy, I need you to stop the rain! It’s too loud and I can’t sleep.” lol. I love the fact that she’s still at that age where Mommy can do anything and everything if she only asks. Needless to say, as I was explaining that I couldn’t stop the rain the weather sirens started sounding.

We’ve had quite a fiasco with weather sirens over the past few years. The testing schedule is inconsistent, and there have been more false alarms than anything else. They actually went from testing weekly, to testing monthly, to sounding them only for emergencies. SO… not having any sort of warning from my weather ap, and hearing the sirens I took the threat seriously, snatched the sleeping Twins out of their beds, and lead Little into our storm shelter. The storm shelter which I had neglected to clean out for the season due to all of the craziness going on with the move. Oh that was a horrible choice living in the Midwest US… Before we could even get into the shelter I had to throw out a plastic tote full of paints, and tools we had stored in there, plus a bunch of random trim and other items left behind from some of our pre moving renovations. I tossed it all out as quickly as I could before stuffing Little and the Twins into the room following close behind.

The really great thing about our storm shelter is that it’s basically a closet in the middle of the house. When we bought the house the previous owners had walled off the old utility closet. It was completely wasted space. We opened it back up originally planning on making it a coat closet, until we realized squishing the whole family into one small bathroom was almost impossible. So it became our storm shelter, and it’s perfect! So perfect in fact that I couldn’t hear the weather sirens from inside of it. Hubs was able to text from his shelter at work so he told me when we had the all clear.

Little and B1 took the entire experience like champs. I remained calm, so they did. Poor little super sensitive B2 immediately began to freak out after a few moments in the shelter. Nothing could calm him down except being in my arms, and the way I had to cram everyone in there it was logistically impossible to hold both babies at the same time. B2 happened to be in the arm closest to Little so I shifted him into her arms. We were all sitting on the floor so I wasn’t worried about her holding him. I wasn’t worried about her holding him, he didn’t like the idea at all.

We were only in the shelter for about fifteen minutes, before we got the all clear and news reports began coming in. When they first sounded the sirens a funnel cloud was spotted aloft about four miles away from our house. It eventually touched down as an F1 tornado a few miles to the South East of Nowheresville, followed closely by another which never made touchdown. I thought it had only been a doppler indicated rotation, which is what they usually sound the sirens for. Nope. I guess the new rule of thumb is funnel cloud= sirens. Which is how it should be in my opinion so people take the warnings seriously. Anyway…

This is when living in the middle of nowhere becomes beneficial. No one was hurt, and only a few homes and two barns were damaged. It could have been much worse. This is the third tornado we’ve narrowly missed in the past three years. It almost makes me want to add a basement to our new home on principle alone. lol. At least I took the initiative to clean out the storm shelter so if/when it happens again we’ll at least have a junk free place to go.

I can’t believe after such a productive over all good day, life was like: Nope. Just keeping me humble I guess. lol.