Pain Away

In the middle of this inspection fiasco, I also made my way to the neurologist. Did I mention that here already? I don’t think I did, but my brain is so muddled with all of the goings on I might just be repeating myself. Lol. ANYWAY… 

So I get there, do all the new patient bs, and wait patiently. Talk to the nurse for a few minutes; then talk to the doctor. I have been “blessed” with the most rare combination of symptoms he’s ever seen, but all of my other health data and normal MRI everything points to migraine. I just get really crazy migraines, and now some really crazy meds to take for them. One of my medications they had to order from a specialty pharmacy. It’s like one of three in the entire country, and it gets shipped to my door. 

In the Fort Knox of packaging, for five tiny doses of medication. We got lucky, our insurance covers it 100%. I’m sure it’s not cheap with all of these provisions, but it’s also an opioid so it could be so hard to get simply for security these days. I don’t know. 

It’s kind of scary actually. I don’t know how I feel about taking a medication that comes shipped, with so many special instructions. To read the instructions is seems like dismantling a bomb lol. But if it helps, I guess it helps. 

At least I waited to hear from my neurologist! If I had picked up the prescription from my GP, I’d be in the loony bin detoxing at the moment. Apparently Imatrex is dangerous for those of us with PTSD and/or brain damage. Something about the chemical composition increases suicidal thoughts I guess. Which I had heard about years ago but didn’t think to ask my GP. 

It was  kind of a cool segue though, into the discussion with my neurologist about my PTSD. He did a lot of his residency working at the VA specializing in trauma so that’s kind of cool. Not a lot of doctors in the private sector have that sort of experience with PTSD just making its way into the mainstream medical community over the past ten years or so. None of my neurological complaints have to do with my PTSD that we know of, but his experience is there if needed, and he knew not to give me Imatrex so points for that! Lol.