Inspector Gadget Pt 2

So… Our buyers wanted their inspector to come back out and finish his job. We said hell no, unless we can be there too. After four days of trying to get this guy back in to our house, multiple schedule changes, wrangling last minute baby sitters, and throwing our schedule all to hell dude shows up, makes a complete ass out of himself, finds no issues (duh) and then proceeds to tell us he “might” get the report amended today. 

Oh, my GARGH. Making it worse is that we had to be here. Originally it was supposed to be us, the buyers, the inspector and our agents but only their agent showed up, which I’m thankful for. I honestly don’t even want to sit across the table from these people during closing, BUT… At least it’s all said and done now. We’re just waiting for their official response to the inspection report, and then we can keep on moving along at least assuming they don’t just bail out on the contract all together.

Ugh… Oh it was hard. So hard not to give this guy the what for as he was going around “inspecting” things. First of all, he came back to look at the crawl space and didn’t even have a flash light. We questioned him on a few things he’s written into his first report and he denied them all together. Plus, once we got our report and saw how unprofessional everything was I went to the website to investigate his license and saw a link to Yelp. Ooooooooooooooh, yes. I took full advantage of that link, and he saw it. So many passive aggressive snaps and snark at us while we followed him around. 

It was hard to keep my mouth shut… But I managed to. There were only a few times my tone got away from me, and I almost blurted my thoughts on the matter but… Success! I didn’t. That’s a first lol. Usually I’m always eating my words later in a stupid situation like this. It’s like I’m growing up or something! At 30! Lol. Guess it’s about time. XD