The negotiations went through!! Pending inspection, financing and all of the other legal mumbo jumbo, we close in June and have officially sold our first home. 

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…. I’m excited/nervous/sad/nostalgic all at once. There are a million feels!! Not quite all of them, but a whole bunch! I don’t even know. I’m having trouble even typing because I’m all frought with possibility. The wheels are turning in my head trying to organize all of the next steps into a manageable order. There’s so much to do, but only a short time to do it in. I mean it’s April so June is quite a ways away, there is physically a lot of time between point a and point b. In addition there are a whole bunch of steps to go through as well. That’s where time gets tricky. 

I don’t want to immediately pack everything up and move out right now because so many other things have to go right in the space between now and closing. After each of those milestone events we only have a matter of days to respond or move forward to the next thing. Basically it takes a lot of time because there are so many things to do and if one piece of the puzzle falls apart they all do, and we have to start over. 

But I don’t particularly want to sit around and wait until the last minute either so… We’re stuck in this weird random transition of waiting. It might be sold, it might not be. We might be moving, we might not be. Lol. I really think I just need the Jeopardy theme song playing continually through my life lol.