MRI Surprise

We’ve had six different showings of our house this week, and more are pouring in every day. There is a stupid deficit in the local market, which is awesome for us the people who want to sell our homes, but awful all at once. I have so many people interested in this house and so many showings that I haven’t had any time at home. I think I’ve been home a total of six hours that I wasn’t sleeping since Monday. 

Which is normally okay, I generally have errands to run each day of the week to keep me occupied, but trekking out all day with all of the kids is exhausting. Not only for me, but for them. B1 is starting to freak out every evening demanding to be held until he falls asleep, B2 does the same thing in the afternoon, and Little is beginning to become destructive and act out. Plus I have the dog with us, limiting our outings and adventures to outdoor activities or driving around aimlessly for hours at a time. It’s getting really old, really quickly, but the more people walk through and see the house the more chances we have to sell it, so… It’s only a temporary inconvenience. 

In addition to all of the carting the kids around, I had my doctors appointment yesterday. I got a new migraine prescription and since it had been so long since my last one, the doctor decided to schedule an MRI. Under normal circumstances it would have been AWESOME to get rushed in the same day, which is what ended up happening. With all three of my tired kiddos? Nope. Not so much. Because it was such a surprise I didn’t have anyone with me, and I couldn’t get a hold of anyone either. Thankfully the nurse/receptionist was able to keep an eye on them while I was back getting my brains scrambled. 

This one wasn’t as scrambly as my first MRI experience, but it was still a whole thing. Mostly because in the middle of the test I had the most insane urge to cough, and I was inside the machine inches away from this magnet. I couldn’t cough without smashing my head into it and ruining the whole thing. It was awful. Not to mention when I showed up for my appointment my migraine had subsided, but after the MRI it started up again. Lol. Ugh. It was just not a fun experience at all. I never want to have another one as long as I can help it. 

Bonus! I did get my nose ring back in after the test. I was fairly certain having my ring out for that long would cause the hole to close, but it didn’t! I was so excited. My nose is my favorite piercing, and now that I know it’s healed so well I can get a new ring. Lol. I’d been putting it off thinking I’d have to go back to the tattoo place to get it changed. That’s like the hi light of my week right there. It’s the little things. 

Anyway, I’m supposed to get my test results today sometime. I’m apprehensive/excited to get some answers about this. Plus, I’m kind of curious to see how my brain has changed after completing my therapy. There are some preliminary studies out there that have theorized once you alter your trauma cycle and reduce the influx of fight/flight hormones your brain actually grows and heals itself, returning to normal. You always have the hair pin trigger which could jump start the trauma cycle again, but most of the damage sort of reverses. At least that’s what those studies have shown right now, but it’s still such a new theory nothing is conclusive. 

Although I’m not sure my doctor will take the time to discuss that with me, but he might. Lol. We theorize a lot about stuff and Google things together when I’m in the office trying to figure things out. On the one hand I’m like dude why am I paying you? But on the other it’s kind of cool to have some one so honest and humble. He’s a doctor, but he’s not an arrogant doctor and I like that. Guess we’ll see what happens.