Day 4

I really hope we can figure out these migraines. My brain fuzz is affecting my sleep. I’ve had the worst dreams during this episode. Not any recurring dreams thankfully, but awful just the same. This morning I woke up in an absolute panic because of a nightmare where the kids were hurt.

I was home late one evening, except it wasn’t my home, it was my parents house. Little and I had gone over to the neighbors for something and when we came back there were several men digging around in the back of my dad’s truck looking for scrap metal. Little took off toward the house before I noticed them so instead of confronting them I quickly grabbed her and dashed inside where the Boys were sleeping soundly. For some reason, still in their car seats, but sleeping soundly none the less. I sent Little to her room away from the front of the house and then quickly found my phone to call 911. I explained the situation but the dispatcher only laughed at me and I ended the call by hanging up.

Before I knew what was happening the men were suddenly inside the house, which wasn’t my parents house but the neighbors house in the way dreams go, and Little was suddenly on the couch next to these men. She was just sitting there scared to death, I called her over to me and she ran to me. I yelled, screamed and demanded these men get out. I wanted to run into a different room and grab something to defend myself with but the boys were sitting in their car seats in the room and I couldn’t get to them with out turning my back on the strange men so I couldn’t do anything but threaten and scream. 

The men got up and walked out of the house but they didn’t leave instead they kept creeping around the house when suddenly we weren’t in the living room anymore but the garage filled with random junk and some lady who I knew in my dream but don’t know in reality, when out of the blue this very small stature woman with super sharp scissors waltzed in and did some weird anime style confrontation where she went through her entire diabolical plan before launching her attack against us. She threw one pair of her scissors and managed to separate me from the kids, I just hid and told Little to hide as well. Then this crazy scissor lady found the kids and all of my Mama Bear rage took over and I grabbed her by the shirt collar and threw her into a wall until she didn’t move anymore and rushed over to the kids.

That lasted a few moments until the original bad guys wandered back into the garage storage room whatever with an army of other people armed with scissors and began throwing them at us. I had to leave the kids for a moment to grab something to shield us and in those few seconds all three kids managed to sustain critical injuries by scissor. B2 was killed instantly, Little lost an eye, and B1 was bleeding out in my arms before I woke up.

So…. That was fun, and it’s put me in an even more foul mood than I have been fighting this migraine. All I want to do is snuggle all the kids and not move all day. I can’t realistically do that. They have other needs and so do I. That’s all I want to do. 

We’re so close to being done with this house and getting it on the market it’s sickening. I just have to schedule the appointment with the realtor to sign the paperwork. Seriously that’s it. Lol. If I can function enough to carry on a coherent conversation with her anyway. This is ridiculous. My migraines are definitely something else. They are really starting to become dibilitating and it’s scary. 

At least I can tend to the kids. If it starts interfering with my ability to do that we’re in trouble big time. 😦