To the Doctor, Batman!

After an entire week of trying everything possible to recall my memories of various Aprils past, I’ve determined that if there is a repressed triggering memory somewhere it’s going to have to stay repressed. It’s not budging. SO, since none of my symptoms have improved I’m exploring other possible reasons for my recent ailments.

About six years ago when I first started experiencing my migraines, initially I was diagnosed with potential MS. There were a few small shadows on my MRI, but because I was uninsured at the time I never went back for further testing, deciding to roll with my preliminary diagnosis of complex migraine, wish, hope and pray that with treatment for that the rest of the symptoms would go away. It worked for a while, until it didn’t. 

I went back to a different doctor in the same practice about two years ago to discuss the possibility of further testing. When he looked at the MRI he didn’t see any shadows, but decided the first doctor misinterpreted some dust on the film. He prescribed me some different pain medication to help manage the migraines, and said we would reevaluate if it didn’t work. It worked fairly well until these past few weeks. Of course breastfeeding the Twins I haven’t been able to take my meds, but I’m also experiencing some more worrisome symptoms. 

Part of my migraines has always been traveling numbness. It starts one place and travels. The first time I experienced it I thought I was having a stroke and immediately rushed to the ER. Now, I only head to the ER if I can’t breathe or lose consciousness. Anyway, this most recent bout has brought on facial numbness, loss of taste, muscle weakness and sustained numbness in my legs and arms. Most of those are more symptoms of MS than typical complex migraine, so… We’re back where we started. I have an appointment next Tuesday, and hopefully I’ll still be experiencing symptoms. Usually when I call to make an appointment with my doctor by the time I get there my symptoms are gone and it’s pretty much pointless. 

Of course it could also be the second postpartum hormone drop as the Twins have started nursing much less. Or I could also be an intestinal yeast overgrowth, which I endured with all the kids at the 4 month mark postpartum. That didn’t go away until I did a cleanse and supplement regimine. Which I can do again as soon as I wean the Twins. They enjoy their snuggle snacks at the end of the day, and one on one time for breakfast in the morning. I hate to take it away from them so early when things were going so well I planned on sticking with breastfeeding until they started solids, but… If I can barely function due to my migraines and numb legs, formula will just have to do. I know it won’t hurt them, and cuddling them while they have a bottle is almost as good as a snuggle snack, it’s just a little hard giving up one of the only things that makes them my babies. My LAST babies. 

The day will come eventually whether I do it now or later. I just don’t want to, and I do, and I don’t. Lol. I guess it really depends on what the doctor has to say and what happens from here.