Shades of Grey

When we bought our house it was in ugly shape. We knew that going into it, but we wanted to get a decent return on our investment so we bought it for almost $50k under market value, unfinished, bare bones, shell of a house. 

As you can see in that picture everything was this weird flat grey color. I mean EVERYTHING. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, the whole nine yards. There was a partial gallon left in the garage which we were able to use to do some touch ups and such with but the label was washed out. We just knew it was the color on the walls after opening it. Lol. 

Fast forward three years until now when we’re getting ready to sell: we left the biggest wall in the living room the grey color as an accent wall, and out of convenience continued the color into the hallway. It’s much better being divided up into different colors for the different rooms and not so all consuming grey rain cloudesc. Since we painted over my yellow in the kitchen I wanted to spruce up the rest of the house too, so we set out to find a color match for our House Grey. The previous owners had painted over the outlet covers so I popped one off and away I went to Menard’s in search of paint. With their color match guarantee once I received my paint, made my way home I just opened the can and slapped as much on the wall as I could while the kids were napping. 

That’s what I ended up with. A color mismatch of epic proportions. I wasn’t too opposed to just painting over the entire wall into the new color especially since we’re moving anyway, but the more it dried the more I realized it wasn’t a shade of grey, it was LAVENDER. A very, very pale lavender. Also, not entirely a bad thing, if I didn’t have another accent wall in SEAFOAM. Oh the color clashing was unbearable. I couldn’t stand it lol. 

It was awful!! So I went back for a second time to correct the color. What I ended up with turned out to be very close but just a hair too dark. We’re now on our third color “match” and I didn’t know what to do. It’s a software they use, which scans the color and tries to analyze it and mix something similar. So it’s not exactly anyone’s fault that I had a horrible time trying to get the right color, aside from maybe the software engineer, I just didn’t know what else to do! We were supposed to have everything finished before the holiday weekend so we could get listed next week and here I was having a horrible time with this wall. 

Out of frustration and desperation I finally took drastic action and decided to give it one last try. I took off one of the switch plates and snapped a piece of wall right the ef off to take with me. It was big enough for them to scan into the computer, and small enough that the repair to the switch would be minor and relatively easy. Lol. You know what? It worked. Finally after three tries I ended up with the right color, which actually isn’t GREY at all. It has iron oxide in it, rust. The paint itself is mixed with yellow, rust, and just a touch of black which gives it that dark tone. I’m sitting here trying to find something grey which are colors traditionally mixed with blue hues, and I should have been looking for an ORANGE base. Lol. Colors are weird, man. Colors are weird. 

Once I had the right color everything went really fast putting us back on schedule. Just have to finish the trim, stage the furniture and we’re done! FINALLY, done! 🙂