The Madness of March

I always forget Indy hosts March Madness until Nowheresville is over run with out of state visitors. I also never paid attention to the fact that Notre Dame University was in Indiana until after I moved here. This has become problematic this year with the warmish weather and the tattoo on my right calf. Lol. Well not exactly problematic, but a little amusing and confusing.

We all know this little leprechaun. The Fightin’ Irish mascot of Notre Dame.

This little guy here is my tattoo. An emblem my grandfather drew at some point in the mid to late sixties which just sort of became our unofficial family logo. The story goes that my grandfather was going to be laid off from a job, but instead he left this as his resignation . The little sprig on the coat tail is misseltoe, which basically makes the entire drawing equal to: “you can kiss my ass goodbye”. Is it any surprise where I’ve acquired my spit and vinegar? Lol. This little guy is titled The Walking Irishmen. Not a leprechaun at all, but green, small, and clearly representing Irish heritage. 

So, while out grocery shopping last week wearing my gym Capris (or whatever they’re calling short pants these days) a whole bunch of people shouted Go Irish! at me, and one mother with her kids actually stopped to point out my ink as they were looking for “leprechauns”. That was adorable. The little kids getting excited and adding it to their count. The other people were probably confused why I didn’t respond with equal sports induced excitement. Lol.

I’m not a sports person. I enjoy participating in various athletic endeavors, but as far as watching sports and getting into the betting, fandom, whatever not so much. Which is like sacrilegious or something around here in the Midwest US. People just don’t get it when you tell them you don’t “like” sports. All sports really, but especially football or basketball seeing as how we host the NCAA, and have both professional football and basketball teams which are or were fairly decent in their respective leagues. Nope. 

At any rate, people don’t really want to hear me explain the story behind the tattoo, so I’m just smiling and nodding hoping not to run into anyone from an opposing team. Lol.