S.A.A.M. 2016

We’ve passed the half way point of March, with April fast on it’s way. For those who don’t know, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Last year I opened my blog up for a month long series to promote sexual assault awareness, sharing both my own story and stories of others. It was a positive experience over all, but things on the Interwebs lose steam after about the first two weeks. My series was the same. Which is a little disappointing. Not because I really hoped to gain any sort of notoriety, but because people simply don’t want to address the issue. It’s disappointing, and it’s scary.

There will always be those who wish to take advantage of others. No matter how much an issue is in the public eye. It’s just human nature, but the fact that the public eye has an ever shortening attention span makes things so much easier to get away with. The entire culture bends and sways with the wind, firing off at one social issue after the next but no real change takes place. SO, I’m not going to do a new series this year adding to the clutter of various social injustices across the interwebs vying for peoples attention. Instead, I will keep my new theme active for the month. A little bit of awareness is better than staying silent all together.

Please, feel free to contact me (updated info available under the contact me page) if you have something to contribute for SAAM. I’ll be happy to share it with links to your own site, or keep you safely anonymous. It might not catch the attention of the masses forever, but if we keep talking change will come. However slowly.