Huzzah! A post that isn’t me whining about life!! We sank into a bit of a hole there for a sec, but I think I’m back now as much of the stress and tension has eased with the completion of a bunch of projects.

The Twins are on the cusp of their forth month and they’ve really grown into their different personalities. This is my absolute favorite part of infancy from 4 months to a year. They sleep fairly well through the night, and they start doing people-y things. Babies are always little people, but the third and forth month is when you can really start to see it. Most notably I love watching them self sooth during the night. 

All my kids have been finger kids, giving up their pacifiers pretty much immediately after they discover their hands. B1 and B2 have taken it a step further in adorable terms. B1 will find his thumb and throw himself over onto his side before falling asleep. They both scoot all over their cribs now, but little B1. Lol. You know he’s done for the night when he’s sacked out on his side with a hand over his face. He also coos in his sleep so that will get interesting when he starts talking. 

B2 has taken this smug little stance of throwing his arms behind his head, both when he’s super comfortable snoozing, and when I change him each morning. Lol. I wish I could get a picture of him but he’s my sensitive little guy and even the quiet shutter sound startles him. He is so sweet. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s my baby baby, or because he’s had such a hard start to life with his health problems, but I feel extra protective of him. 

I’m protective of all of my kiddos, but something about little B2 is just different. I’m not entirely sure what or why. I guess I’ll see as they all grow. B1 is going to be a trouble maker. Lol. Between he and Little I’ve definitely got my hands full. That’s for sure.