Boxing with Life 

Jeeze this past week was up down all around. It started off pretty good, got more frustrating as it went on, and now thankfully it’s almost over. I feel like one of those inflatable boxing things. You know the little plastic things that come with sand in the bottom to weight them down? You hit them and they fall over before bouncing back? Yep. 

Life keeps knocking me down and as soon as I get back up, dust myself off, it starts all over again. Good news, I keep getting back up. Bad news, I keep getting knocked down. Lol. 

My biggest challenge came yesterday. The day just started off on the wrong foot. I had some weird flashback-ish dreams that put me in a sour mood as soon as I opened my eyes. Got to the gym and had a decent work out, but one of the college kids is home on Spring break and she was telling all of her awesome stories from West Point. It reminded me immediately of listening to my uncle telling all of his Army stories, which hit me with quite a wave of grief. I’m not entirely sure what to do with grief. It’s kind of a tricky combination of emotions that I haven’t quite mastered. I tend to either suppress it all together, or get really pissy with everyone about everything. 

I couldn’t quite surppress it being in a relatively fragile state from my rough night so, the irritation set it. I was mad at myself for not being able to get a hold of my emotions to express them, yet I didn’t know what I needed to express because it was grief and I’m still learning that one. It was a vicious cycle back and forth until I finally made it home. When I got home I arrived to all three Littles coming down with a Spring cold or allergies. Three runny noses, three fussy kids, two who only wanted to nurse for the sake of nursing not because they were hungry, and one who’s ears were stuffed so she was being exceptionally loud. All afternoon. 

THEN, I finally get all the kids comfortable and decide I wanted to lay down and take a nap. About fifteen minutes into my nap, my phone rings. It was a blocked caller ID so like all the other calls with no ID I ignored it. A few minutes later they called again. I wasn’t going to answer the second time either, but when I picked up the phone I hit the wrong button. It was too late to turn back at that point so I answered. It was a bail bondsman looking for some one named Kylita(sp?) Thomas. I told them they had the wrong number, and I didn’t know a Kylita Thomas. Well obviously I’m sure they hear that a lot, so she argued with me. I argued right back and told her I’d never heard of this Kylita person and then Ms. Bounty Hunter started yelling at me, threatening all the usual threateny things trying to get me to give up whomever Kylita is. We went back and forth for a few minutes before I started laughing and hung up on her. No big deal. She didn’t call back, but twenty minutes or so later my phone starts going wonky as someone or something tried to remotely turn on my location. Tried, being the key word there, because yay Apple security! No one ever got through but my phone was doing all sorts of weird things for about an hour.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, my social media stuff got hacked again. Not entirely surprising. It has been on a fairly predictable cycle every six months or so for about two years now. So I had to go around resetting all my passwords and doing security checks. I don’t know who, I don’t know why, and I don’t know how. It starts with Twitter and then like a cascade everything needs to be reset. I’m thinking its a backdoor app of some sort, because no one person has that amount of time to sit around and continually try to get into my accounts. At least I hope no one is sitting around wasting time trying to get into my accounts because that’s pretty crazy. I have a public blog. Why would anyone assume I’m hiding things? Lol. 

I don’t know if anything actually got completely hacked. I just started noticing glitches here and there plus some random settings were changed. Reset my passwords and all is right with the world again until the next time I suppose. 

So in summary: hacked accounts, bounty hunters, jacked up phone, emotions I don’t know what to do with, bad dreams, and sick kids. That was my Wednesday.