Too Kind?

Why is it that no one takes me seriously until I’m angry, yelling, and pissy? Seriously, this is a genuine question because literally everyone I interact with on a daily basis brushes me off until I get mad. I can’t communicate much more clearly: “I need this from you, by this day and this time. Okay? Okay great.” That’s how it goes, and yet for some reason nothing gets done until I’m freaking out.

I mean, I know I’m fairly easy going and tend to do things on my own anyway just because it’s faster and/or easier than trying to explain stuff most times but after I repeatedly state: “hey, I could use some help” or “hey, this needs to be done tomorrow” or whatever a million times no one listens? It’s frustrating! I don’t get it. All the communication classes and practice in the world doesn’t seem to be helping me express myself more effectively. Or I’m surrounded by people with their own agendas who don’t particularly care what I’ve got going on until it negatively affects them… I can’t decide. 

Hubs is getting better as the years go on, so even though I get frustrated with him he is at least trying. I can’t fault the guy for trying, even if it does take time for the learning curve. No one else seems particularly invested in working things out at all so… I shall vent my frustration upon them. Or rather at them, since they don’t pay attention to anything I say. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

In other better news, I got back into the swing of my running today. Oh my mile is a horrible sixteen minutes right now, but I managed to keep up some endurance which is encouraging. I’ve always said I wasn’t going to run more than a mile at a time because if something is invested in chasing me on foot for more than a mile I deserve to be caught, but now I’m kind of thinking I’d like to do at least one 5k. It’s only two more miles, right? And once I get my pace back it won’t take me any time at all. Plus there are 5k events everywhere all the time. I have plenty of opportunities. I think I’ll skip the spartan race, zombie, color run stuff for now, but who knows? 

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