They’ve Learned Nothing

I love how my in laws just decide to ignore me when I ask for help like it will keep me from reaching my goals. Pssssssssssh. Clearly the past five years have taught them nothing about my drive to succeed and motivation. 🙄

Anyway… So the carpet guys gave us less than 24hrs notice that they were available to install on the eve of B2’s appointment. Hubs had some OT available this week so he took it, leaving me to do all the prep work, move the furniture, and paint the master bedroom while entertaining all of the children yesterday evening. I did it, but I feel it today. 

I would have been okay if I hadn’t gone full boar at the gym yesterday morning. I was expecting a light work day at home. Lol. Silly me. But at any rate, it’s accomplished the carpet will be installed and then I can move out to the living room to finish the paint in there and we can get things moving! List and sold. 🙌🏻

Gah, I hate moving. I know I’ve said it a million times recently, but I still severely hate it. Every tiny bit of it. I love going out and exploring new places, but my home base needs to be consistent. Or I prefer it to be consistent anyway. That’s very rarely happened for me so far in life lol.

At least I’m moving every three years now instead of ever six months or so. I’ll take that improvement however small.