So, eating Paleo for a while our family didn’t often have peas as a side dish while Little was growing old enough to get accustomed to them. I’ve switched my diet up a little bit recently, reintroducing a few food groups in moderation. One of those foods happened to be peas. We had some for dinner the other night and my Little thought it was absolutely roll on the floor hilarious. Why, you ask?

Simply because while she was learning to talk she pluralized pee as in urine. Whenever she has to use the toilet she yells out: “Oh no! I have to potty, it’s the pees!” You can imagine her amusement when she asked me what those strange green veggies on her plate were. She also happens to love them. She kept asking for more “beans”, and I kept correcting her. “No, those are peas.” She would bust up laughing, and do the entire charade over again. “Mama, can I have more beans?” *giggle, snicker* 

Making it even more amusing is the fact that I dropped several on my lap during my meal. Our house is in a constant state of disarray at the moment while we prepare to move, so we never eat in the same seat or room. I was sitting in the armchair, and Little was perched on the piano bench. She bounced over to me and pointed to my lap and yelled: “Mama! You have pees on your legs! They’re right there, coming out of your butt!” As she laughed with a sly grin on her face. 

I scolded her for being crude, but she insisted I had “pees” on my pants/legs and danced around the living room yelling it at the top of her lungs. Eventually after a few scoldings I got up to escort her to her room and ten or so peas fell from my lap, promptly followed by: “See?! I told you!! Peas coming out of your butt!!” 

I couldn’t even be mad at her after that. Lol. I’m so glad she is confident enough to express herself the way she does, but the back talk and arguing gets on my very last nerve some days. I’d rather have a defiant, outspoken child than a complacent one. At least no one will be taking advantage of her as she gets older. They won’t be able to get a word in edgewise.