Little Lifting

So, my Little joined me for my PT session yesterday. There’s an adorable video on my Facebook page of her deadlifting with me. Her form needs some work, but I mean she’s three. Lol. She hasn’t even finished developing her fine motor skills yet. Omg it was awesome. Especially when she said: “Mama, I just love to “wift”. It’s the best.” Gah!! All the adorbs!! 

It was kind of a happy accident that she was able to participate with me. I’ve added some physical therapy sessions on top of my regular gym days in an attempt to rebuild my core and really focus on building strength in certain areas that get neglected during the course of our usual WODs. Not because I really have to, but just because I want to. I’ve got the basic over all conditioning down, now I want to hone everything in. Because it takes almost 45 minutes to trek out to my trainer I usually have the kids stay with Hubs or find a sitter. Yesterday that wasn’t an option since my sitter has been watching the kiddos all week while I work on my various projects so we can sell the house. So, instead of canceling I decided to bring the kids. 

And this is one of the many reasons I love CrossFit. Not only was I able to bring my kiddos, my Little was encouraged and allowed to participate. What other gym/fitness culture allows Littles to do that? I was over the moon watching her learn and try to mimick my movements. It makes my heart smile.

That makes my heart smile, and the fact that I’ve made it back to my previous deadlift weights in less that three months. I believe the video has me at the end of my 145lb set. On Tuesday I hit body weight, which was also my previous best at 175lbs. I was shooting for 185lbs yesterday, but trying to do two days so close together ended up working against me. It will all come together eventually. I’m just excited to get some “real” weight back on my bar after the Twins’ pregnancy. Lol.