Passing the Crown

My youngest sister is on the cusp of turning 23. Much like myself, she’s been fairly sheltered when it comes to the world of dating and the opposite sex. So yesterday when I got a random text informing me she was going on a date. I was like: “hub ah what?” Only to find out more details about the guy whom she met on Tinder of all places. Tinder… My kid sister went out with a guy she met on Tinder. I laughed, and then I realized it’s finally happened. I am no longer the reigning queen of poor dating decisions as far as it goes between siblings. Nope, I’ve passed my crown down to her. Lol.

But in all reality, the kid seems fairly nice from my obligatory sisterly creeping. At least he certainly doesn’t have much of a social media presence. Profiles in all the usual places, but nothing hidden or shady looking. In fact, for a kid his age with public profiles he’s quite tame. I’m not even sure how he ended up on Tinder because he certainly doesn’t fit the stereotypical user by any stretch of the imagination. Lol. At least he doesn’t fit the stereotype, but one can’t really get to know someone from what they put on the Internet, so he could be a total skeeze bag creepoid trying to take advantage of my sister… But she’s an adult(ish) so, I simply wished her well.

I’m not even sure what exactly she wanted me to say when she sent me the text. It was so random. We aren’t particularly close, so… I don’t know. I think she was just nervous? I don’t know! I’m still getting used to the idea of my siblings having a romantic life in any sort of capacity. Here I am, already divorced, remarried, and done with having kids before they’ve even really explored the dating world. It’s like huh? What? You want to be in a relationship? With someone you met online? Is this how things work now?

Things went well. He actually did just want to go out to a movie, and they hit it off with a lot of similar interests and such. It’s like the only two people in the history of Tinder who weren’t just there for a casual hook up magically found each other or something. lol. I AM slightly disappointed with the fact that as she was walking out the door she told my mom and my mom did NOT react by following her to the theater to verbally assault the kid… she’s slacking in her old age apparently. Or she has no idea what Tinder actually is. Either way, it appears my sisters will have a much less horrific time dealing with my mother in their dating life than I did. Unless she’s just waiting to track the guy down at work tomorrow; then find his address and randomly show up at his apartment.

lol… oh, good times. Good times. (totally sarcasm btw) This is why I moved 200 miles away when I had the opportunity. Hubs had it easy when we were dating. He didn’t have to deal with being held hostage (kidnapped?) in the car, or the screaming casting of hellfire, brimstone, and scripture, or the private investigators, or the stalking and random confrontations at work, or phone calls to his parents (that I know of, but his parents are fairly tight lipped about such brazen awkward things so maybe lol), or… gee… what else did my mother do to scare people away? There were so many different times, with just about everyone I tried to date or even had a remote interest in I can’t even remember. No, all Hubs had to deal with was a few random Facebook messages trying to convince him to side with her during various arguments between she and I. But Hubs also has a lifelong passion for socks, so being sincerely grateful for her annual gift of Christmas Socks he kind of won her over quickly. lol.