Ugh… I hate moving. Like seriously. I always swore we would hire a mover if we moved out of our current house but since we’re building we don’t have anywhere to go immediately after we close the sale so it seemed like a waste of money to hire someone to pack our stuff and take it around the corner to storage. We’re doing it ourselves again, and it is the most tedious, annoying process.

On the other hand, it’s kind of cool to go through all of our stuff and find things that I thought I’d lost over the years. lol. We really have too much stuff and need to get rid of a bunch of it. I did go through my old journals and notebooks again as I was boxing them up looking for more moments to share here. I didn’t find anything really substantial, but I did find some really neat stuff.

So many journals. lol. Most of them aren’t even full, I just bought new ones whenever I saw one I really liked or found some on sale.

My very first novel!! I wrote this back in 2000 before I discovered NaNoWriMo. I need to type it up because it’s written in pencil and slowly fading away. I’ll be sure to get right on that, in all of my spare time. Ha!

A song I wrote for my English final in 7th grade. I also had sheet music to go with it, but I can’t seem to find that. It might be in my piano bench. I haven’t gotten to that stuff yet. 

An original play I wrote for drama class in 8th grade. We actually performed it with a few other plays that year. It was kind of cool, writing, directing, and I composed some of the score. I have the final performance on video somewhere around here. I refused to watch it, but kept the tape anyway lol.

Random doodles. I haven’t had time to sit down and draw for ages. I’m severely out of practice, but back in the day I was pretty good. Cartoons were my specialty, this was a weird anime style phase. It didn’t last very long.

Oh the band… I was the only girl as the vocalist and always being a hot mess they dubbed me Kalamity Kelli. This was supposed to be my bio for the album we never made it to recording. It was also a short transitional thing, we mostly did covers. Evanescence was pretty big and I had Amy Lee’s range so more often than not that’s what we did lol. Another thing I’ve neglected over the years, my singing. I don’t know if I could hold a tune anymore or not.  

Things I saw on news stands in London waiting for my flight home. We got stuck at Heathrow for a few days, and once you’ve seen the sights there isn’t much else left to do. Big Ben is surprisingly small, as is the city in general compared to big cities in America. We were able to walk to every touristy thing in less than a day. Back at the airport I picked up this notebook and started doodling/writing to pass the time until I picked up one of my favorite books. 

Notes from my year or so as a dog trainer/handler. I loved doing it, but much like every other hobby it gets expensive quickly and eventually I didn’t have time for it trying to finish high school and work a full time job.

This one was my senior English project. My interpretation and monologue delivery of a scene from The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Next to MacBeth, it’s one of my favorite classic plays. We were going to perform the entire thing but at the end of the year we ran out of time so we did this instead. I wish I had someone to record it, because I also sang a solo of a song which paired perfectly. Vacant by Dream Theater. It was one of my favorite school projects over all. I had this super elaborate, beautiful goth ball dress I wore for the performance. Yeah… it was pretty amazing. I have pictures of our MacBeth performance junior year, but for some reason I didn’t save or have anything from senior year. Either way, it was awesome. Private education FTW!
That’s just a handful of the really cool things I found. I also found a whole bunch of love letters I wrote but was too chicken to give to Hubs when we first started dating, a few of the comic strips I illustrated in 4th grade, my collection of poetry, random other short stories I’d written for various school projects, just a whole bunch of stuff. It feels like yesterday since I wrote a lot of this stuff, but we’re talking about some things that I wrote twenty years ago. TWENTY YEARS AGO. Oh good Lord, it’s been a really long time. A lot of the earlier stuff is scribbled in sloppy illegible cursive taking me quite a while to decipher. I understand the importance of teaching children cursive, but I never did take to it. My printing has always been nicer and easier to read. lol. It was my first rebellion, refusing to write in cursive.

I also found my old CD binder, full of music I’d pretty much forgotten about. A lot of them were in terrible shape so most of my reminiscing was done via Spotify. What I couldn’t find on there, I think it lost forever. Most being one off cd’s of no name bands to begin with. Even eBay didn’t have anything when I went looking for one particular group, but  winning a random raffle at a skating rink in 1994 and receiving a free cd from a local group as my prize… I mean really. They never made it big, but I wish I had been able to buy another copy before it went out of print, because it became one of my favorite albums after I got a little older. lol.

Anyway… this was a nice little jaunt down memory lane, but I really need to get back to packing. I have to take B2 in for his monthly blood work this afternoon, and finish getting as much of our stuff packed and into storage as I can while I have a baby sitter. It’s going to be a very busy day today. I need to get up and get going.