I met with the realtor today, and we got some great news. We’re listing in two weeks at almost 20k MORE than we had estimated the value of our current home, and she said selling in 90 wouldn’t be an issue. Apparently Nowheresville is a hopping place for those looking to escape the criminal cesspool that Indy has become over the past two years. Houses are in high demand. So! We don’t have to finish as many projects as we though we did, and we can get more money out of it than we thought we could. lol. It’s a winning situation all around really. 

On a humorous note: before we started this entire fiasco with the current builder I was telling Hubs I had a dream that our realtor moved to Florida and I had to travel down there to find her so she could sell our house, which she agreed to do from Florida and it was a whole thing. 

Come to find out talking with her today that her daughter got accepted into a school in Tampa and they’re going to be back and forth quite a lot. Lol. My dream was almost three weeks before I contacted her and really spoke to her at all about selling. My creepy “psychic” side is coming out again. lol. Or I’m just really tired of the winter weather and dreaming of tropics and beaches. Who knows? 

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