Hales on Wales

So we met with the builder over the weekend. We knew what we could afford going into it, how much we wanted to spend, and that we were pre-approved for well over the ammount we needed. Still, we were apprehensive about the entire process not wanting to get our hopes up thinking it was too good to be true or that there was some hidden crazy contract terms, or we’d have to have all our money up front before we were able to sell our current home… Something that would prevent us from doing anything right now. 

The last thing we expected to do was walk out with papers signed, and a time frame for an exceptionally well priced new home… Yeah. It was the last thing we expected and exactly what happened. We’re now in a race against the clock to hold our lot and hope our current home sells within 90 days. I’ve already gotten a hold of our realtor (who is super awesome) and started the listing process. Our realtor is so super awesome in fact, that less than two hours after my initial email she responded and set up appointments, drew up a few documents and put the entire process on super speed.

Which is great as far as meeting our sales goal, but omg there is so much to do!! We have a million small projects that we’ve been putting off for “when we’re ready to sell the house”. We are so totally not ready to sell this house. Lol. It’s going to take nothing short of a miracle to get everything patched and fixed up. Of course it’s only to get the most return on our investment. We could sell it as is tomorrow for anything and have enough to start the build, but why be careless and hapazard with our investment, am I right? 

So… It’s going to be a very busy and hectic few months around here between getting ready to sell, packing and getting ready to move plus finding a place to live until our new home is finished. Because having twins and a toddler isn’t challenging enough. Oh no, we like it on the edge of our seats around here in the House of Hale. Speaking of Hales…. We picked out a lot which we liked before we got to see the actual site map today. As long as everything falls into place we’ll be building on Wales St. We will be the Hales on Wales. Lol. I think it’s meant to be really. 

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  1. That is too funny! I’d change my blog title to that if I were you. But if I were you, I’d look awful funny trying to nurse two babies so…

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