Fuzzy Fate

Now that we got the sadness out of the way, it’s time for some warm fuzzies! 

Hubs and I had our first unofficial date on this day seven years ago. I was lamenting over the anniversary of a recent emotional wound, and he whisked me away on a pointless whirl wind trip all around the city. We drove for hours, listening to music, basically in silence. It was the first time someone was supportive in my emotional expression without telling me what to do, or how I was wrong, or to get over it. 
Even though we didn’t become a couple until October of the following year, that first trip everywhere and nowhere was exceptionally special to me. It was the first time I really started to fall for him. He was always cute in his endearing, awkward way, but that trip was the first time I saw him for more than the cute awkward guy. Some one with life time potential. 
In typical guy fashion, he doesn’t really remember taking that trip. He remembers the trip, but he didn’t actually realize it was Valentine’s Day when we took it. Or at least that’s what he says, but he’s sneaky like that. I’ll never know if it was intentionally to win me over, or genuine happenstance. I mean, clearly, we’re married. Lol. He liked me a little bit… Or he’s faking it incredibly well. We’ve known each other for eight years, lived together for six, and been married for five next month. He had his chances to run away and didn’t. I think he likes me. 
It’s hard to believe we’ve been together for so long. That I’ve lived here for so long. It’s kind of ridiculous actually. Indiana was supposed to be a temporary stop on my journey back to the West Coast. Love and it’s silly shenanigans kept me here. Barely. If there hadn’t been everyone telling me to stick around even though Hubs and I didn’t start dating right away, I might not have. 
I bought my plane ticket to California, and was just waiting to hear back on tenants for my house and trying to sell my car. A week before I was scheduled to leave my dad called and told me that he really wanted me to stay in Indiana and hold out for Hubs. He just knew that good things were waiting for me if I maintained the patience to stay where I was. He’d met Hubs breifly once or twice before, and just knew. Even before we did, he knew. It must have been some of that Twin Intuition.
Or just plain old destiny. My dad wasn’t the only person to oddly predict my future. A friend I lost touch with ages ago also correctly predicted my fate. I don’t even remember where we were going or why, but we were in the car and some how the topic of our future came up and he got a distant, distracted look in his eyes before saying: “You know what, Kelli? You’re going to end up with some tattooed, guitar playing, rock star. Have a crazy beautiful blonde haired blue eyed little girl, maybe some twins, and be really happy.” To which I laughed because my plans for life during that time included exactly none of those things. Kids yes, but I wasn’t looking for any guitar playing, tattooed, rock stars. Nor was I really keen on the idea of having a daughter. 
He then asked for my prediction for his own future, which I gave him, and last time I heard turned out to be just as accurate as the prediction he gave to me. It’s a little creepy, but not entirely. That’s why we were friends. Lol. We both have a touch of eerie intuitiveness. Not truly a psychic ability, but what I call my Spidey Senses. 
He was always more in tune to his, where I was more apt to ignore mine, or try to will it away, not wanting to accept things even though I knew what was coming. You kind of have to honestly, to survive with that kind of foresight. Just live in the moment, and enjoy it even if it’s temporary. 
That’s a little heart tuggy right there. Kinda makes me want to cry. Knowing just how fragile the intricisies of life are. Knowing how many things had to fall exactly into place for me to end up with Hubs, and the people in my life who saw it years before I did. All the warm and fuzzies!