Two for the Show

We are in the clear!! B2 had his follow up appointment this morning with his ENT, and right now it looks like he will out grow his laryngomalacia (that long “l” thing I couldn’t remember after B1’s surgery fiasco). Unless he stops gaining weight or shows obvious signs of oxygen deprivation we don’t even have any more follow ups. NO MORE BABY SURGERIES!! 

THANK GOD. Wow that takes a whole load off my emotional plate. It even stirred a teeny bit of sadness up as we were leaving the office, passing by an entire line of kids coming for a check up with their social worker. If I could have signed up to adopt them then and there I would have, but y’know. Our house isn’t big enough for our biological children. I can’t tack on five more. Lol. 

But anyway… Great news starting off the day today. The only thing flying willy nilly out of my control left is our approval for the new house. We meet with that guy next Tuesday. After that, everything is back on track and should settle down. Back to the original plan/goals for the year after our whirlwind detouring.

If the rest of the year could just keep its surprises to a minimum we’ll all be gravy. Or it’ll be gravy. Whatever that saying is.