Just Hanging Out

Yesterday after a whirlwind of grocery shopping, rushing B2 to the hospital for an ultrasound to check his pylorus after he lost his lunch while grocery shopping (everything is normal!!! *victory dance*) battling a sinus infection, and general exhaustion that comes with wrangling three kids I decided to order a pizza for dinner.

After I placed the order the Twins were both hungry so I went through the motions of feeding them. They both nurse for about 15min right now, so as I was finishing up with B1 there was a knock on the door. I got up to set B1 in the swing and readjust my shirt, but as I stood up, still hanging out everywhere I was met with a petrified gaze from the delivery guy standing at the screen door.

My Little was so excited that the pizza was here she bounded across the room and threw open the door, leaving nothing but the screen between myself and the rest of the world. Yes, I have become THAT breastfeeding mom. I gave him an extra few dollars as tip, and nothing was said. Lol.

So that was exciting. It was just the icing on the cake to my hectic running around frazzled state. I laughed almost immediately after closing the door and scolding my Little for opening it to a stranger with out permission. At least the guy had an amusing story to share with the rest of the crew when he got back. 

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