Macro Mania

For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to start a new direction with my diet and nutrition. The idea itself was pretty spot on. The execution? Mmmmmmm not so much. See I started working with a nutritionist, and she’s all about meal prepping and tracking macros vs calories. Great ideas, producing great results for sure. 

Unless you’re a breastfeeding mother of twin infants, plus a toddler, all with a stomach virus, a teeny tiny kitchen, and a mere 24hrs in the day. Sure I can tend to the kids and count my macros. I can also meal prep. I can ALSO get to the gym once or twice a week. Putting all of those things together with out sacrificing several hours of precious sleep, has proven to be impossible at this point.

No matter how I try to organize my time I just can’t get it all done in one day. I’ve been staying up late almost every night this past weekend in an attempt to. It just isn’t happening right now. I did manage to get one dinner, one breakfast item, a lunch and one snack prepared to eat on through out the week, but they don’t even come close to my numbers unless I eat like ten servings. Although I do get bonus points since I’m breastfeeding, so maybe that’s why it seems I have to eat a mountain every morning.

I hope I can get a few more things put together during nap time today. Meal prepping isn’t going to just be good for our health, once I get everything stocked up in the kitchen department it will save a bundle on our grocery budget too. Not really a necessity at the moment but it will be nice when we transition the Twins to solids. Especially since they’ve been eating like a herd of horses when they aren’t sick lol. 

Ugh… I’ll get it together eventually. It has been helping a whole lot with my mood shifts by keeping me pretty much always occupied and focused on the present. Not as rewarding as throwing around some weights, but it’ll do until the weather stays warm and I can get the kids out to the gym with me. 🙂