This is why I can’t hate people with NPD.

Exactly this. EXACTLY this.

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Not too long ago, I was criticized by some other ACON bloggers for being a “narc hugger.”   First of all, let me clear that up right now.   I don’t hug the narcs, I don’t believe in enabling them in any manner, and I believe and always will believe that No Contact is the only viable way to deal with a narcissist.   They are dangerous to be around.

But do I think they’re demons who have no souls?  Well, no.   But I can understand why many  people, especially people who were unfortunate enough to be raised by them, think they are.    I think many of the things narcissists do are evil but I’m also all too aware that they are mentally ill people who do the things they do because they can’t help themselves.  If narcissism is a choice, for most that choice was made at…

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  1. Thanks so much for reblogging this, and I feel terrible about neglecting your blog lately (I’ve been neglecting other blogs in general because of time constraints). I’ll try to do better! Thanks again.


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