Liquid Gold

Yet another awesome perk of breastfeeding: a freezer full of milk chalk full of antibodies and nutrients to help my Little get over her cold, and hopefully prevent the Twins from catching it. 

No, I’m not letting my 3yr old nurse. I know there are moms out there who are for extended breast feeding, but it’s not my thing. I will, however, make her milkshakes out of my freezer stash. This is actually the first time I’ve had the opportunity to try giving her some to aid in her cold recovery, so I’m not entirely sure it will do anything but I’ve heard amazing things from fellow breastfeeding moms. Plus it’s free, and it certainly won’t hurt her by any means. Why not give it a try? 

So yeah… That’s pretty much what’s been keeping me busy for the past several days. A sick toddler, trying to keep up with the house work and avoid getting myself or the Twins sick from big sis. The last thing I need is a house full of sick kiddos. Especially sick infants. All the baby wearing in the world wouldn’t be enough to keep three sick kids comfortable and calm. I know the day is coming eventually, probably sooner than later with the weather but I am definitely not looking forward to it, nor wishing its arrival anytime soon.

We also found another builder with a bunch of lots available, so Hubs is working on that. We’ve actually made it farther into the process with this builder than we did with the last one, and they have a better selection of floor plans. We had picked out a two story with the previous company we talked to simply because they didn’t offer anything else in a four bedroom. The new company actually has a single story four bedroom which is more in line with what we wanted in the first place. 

I am not about to chase kids up and down stairs unless I absolutely have to. Lol. Hubs really wants a basement so we might have some stairs, but those won’t be required for every day living. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, I get to keep my beloved vaulted ceilings in the great room plus the master suite. The kitchen is also big enough for my Littles to be in there while I’m cooking or cleaning. The only draw back to our current house is the lack of a fourth bedroom, and a stupid small kitchen.

We considered simply adding on to our current house once we began looking into building a new home, but our current neighborhood is a cookie cutter development from the mid 70’s. The lots are shaped EXACTLY for the house as it stands, giving next to no leeway for any additions. We could fit another bedroom on the back, but then we’d lose over half of the yard, and expanding the kitchen takes out our garage which is Hubs’ sanctuary. It also keeps all of his hobbies and their various messes out of my living space lol. Don’t want to interfere with that.

It’s just best to move on and into something else, but I do love my little home. It would have been perfect if our plans for a small family had worked out. That extra kid with my last pregnancy really threw a wrench in our plans. Lol. No, obviously I’m kidding. I love my Littles. Every single one of them, and I wouldn’t trade them for all the kitchen space and bedrooms in the world.