Shaken, Not Stirred

So now that we’ve had the follow up from B1’s surgery and absolutely everything is in the clear, all of the madness is starting to catch up with me. I’ve finally clicked off my emergency response survival mode. Now, I’m just exhausted and my moods are shifting quite a bit. I feel like I’ve literally been shaken up, flipping from one mood to the next as everything settles down. 

I think it’s worse now that I’ve been stuck in the house the past several days. It’s simply too cold to take the babies out for no reason. Just because I need to refocus and settle is not a good enough reason to drag them out and expose them to the cold. I just need to find something to occupy my busy mind while I’m tending to them at home. 

My Big kid keeps me mentally stimulated to a point, but we can’t play like we used to with a baby in my arms and she gets frustrated and bored. She hasn’t really been attention seeking, but she is taking advantage of my being tethered to the arm chair more often than not to explore all of her previously forbidden areas in the house. I’ve never seen a kid spend so much time in the kitchen as my Little attempting to get into things and places she isn’t supposed to. 

There’s nothing she can get into that’s truly DANGEROUS, we made sure of that, but there are many things that she can get into creating giant messes, and all of our desserts have been devoured in less than 24hrs after bringing them home from the store lol. She’s bored. I need to get her into preschool, but with us moving I didn’t really want to introduce her to one group of kids only to have her get pulled out of class to go to another. That’s what I wanted to do, but I’m not sure my sanity can take another toddler sized mess in my kitchen right now.

Oh, and moving… Ha! While we were in the hospital with B1, the builder we were talking to sold the lot out from under us. Granted we hadn’t signed anything waiting to see what the bank said, but still. I guess they got Hubs’ pre approval and decided since they “hadn’t heard from us, it was a bit out of our price range.” Hmph. 

Well yeah, if we were financing the whole thing, but we’re not FINANCING the whole thing. We have cash for a down payment. Or at least we will when we sell our current home, which we own outright. This is why we were waiting to hear from the bank first to see how much we needed to list our house for to get what we wanted from the builder, but no one waited to talk about that so we’re back to square one. 

Which is okay with all the medical issues going on with the Twins right now. Hubs wanted to put everything on hold anyway, I’m still really annoyed about the presumptuous attitude of the staff. We didn’t hear from you so we thought you couldn’t afford it. Uh, no I wouldn’t be wasting my time with you if I couldn’t afford it. Aside from some lingering bills from my unemployed period a few years ago, our car, and one emergency credit card, we paid off the majority of our debt last year… Or no.. Two years ago since it’s January. 

I know it’s not the norm these days, but with the majority of our funds we’re quite responsible. Day to day spending? Not so much, but where it counts we’ve got it covered. We’re some of those odd ducks that actually don’t want to finance things unless we absolutely have to. Lol. CRAZY TALK. 

That entire fiasco didn’t help my frazzled mind any either. Oh well. Onto the next one I guess. I have the floor plan we really loved so maybe some other builder out there will work with us? I’m not entirely sure how all that works yet.