Play Time

My Little Dudes are growing up entirely too fast. I can’t believe they’re already playing with toys. I mean I know it happens fast, but I seriously don’t remember it being THIS fast with our oldest. *sigh* 

As you can see little B1 there on the left is no worse for the wear after his surgery. We had a follow up appointment this morning and everything looks great. He even gained an entire ounce from last week. Which is kind of impressive considering he wasn’t able to eat anything for 48hrs and had to be introduced gradually back to his usual volume for feeding. Good news, splashed with a tad bit of bad news.

B2 has about 14 more weeks to go before he’s in the clear for developing pyloric stenosis himself. We knew there was an increased risk with them being twins, but there isn’t ENOUGH risk to justify a preemptive ultrasound to check for it. We just have to wait until/if he starts exhibiting symptoms. So… There’s that. I’m trying not to worry about it, especially since there is also a good chance that he WON’T get it. No sense in worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet, right? 

It’s so weird having two babies at one time. Especially two babies who have polar opposite personalities. It’s never more obvious when they’re playing together. B2 is very reserved, explorative, and quizzical when it comes to new toys. He really thinks about things before he plays with them. B1 on the other hand is SUPER enthusiastic, excited and all about playing with EVERYTHING. His eyes light up and he gets so excited he squeaks like a squeaky toy. Lol. It’s pretty much adorable. 

I’m kind of having a hard time with the fact these two are my last. I mean I’m okay with it, I don’t regret my procedure, but everything they do is happy/sad. They out grew all of their newborn stuff over this past week and being a sentimental fool like myself, I’m all: this is the LAST newborn diaper I’ll ever change! This is the last newborn sleeper I’ll ever wash! Etc etc etc. which makes me all sorts of nostalgic and what not. Lol. Maybe I’m just weird? 

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  1. I think it’s probably because I didn’t really have to change them until last week since I couldn’t bend with my incision lol Hubs is over newborn diapers for sure.


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