Six Weeks

The only thing that’s ever really annoyed me about breastfeeding is the fact you have no idea how much your baby is eating. You know they’re growing, you know they nurse for X time, and you know when they get enough if they don’t fuss and cry. That’s not the hard part when your supply is sufficient. The hard days come when your baby hits a growth spurt and does nothing but nurse 24/7 until your body catches up. 

Usually that happens around the big milestone weeks. Two, four, six, etc. anytime they meet a new milestone or are about to, they’re stuck to you like glue. Difficult with one baby. Next to impossible with two, and my poor Big Kid is feeling neglected making for one exciting week here in the House of Hale. 

Yesterday I woke up to Little tapping my shoulder and B1 crying from his crib. Little explained that his tummy was hurting and that he needed my help. Thinking she was just making up a reason for B1 to be uncomfortable I didn’t really think too much of it. Until I rolled out of bed and lumbered over to find poor little B1 nearly naked in his bed. Little had unswaddled him, and unzipped his sleeper before encountering his incision and getting scared. She was right to a certain degree. His tummy had been hurt, but he was crying because she had bothered him. Thankfully, she didn’t get into his diaper. I was wondering when the anatomy difference would come up in discussion. Little hadn’t mentioned it, but apparently she was trying to figure things out on her own. 

That’s how my morning started. Explaining to my toddler why we don’t undress other people without their permission, and that her brothers are in fact little people not dolls or toys. We didn’t make it to the difference in anatomy before B2 woke up and needed my attention, but hopefully we can talk about that later. I haven’t had a moment to sit down by myself since 6am yesterday due to the twins needing to nurse every twenty minutes.

After that whole escapade, I sent her back to her room and dozed back off. 29 odd minutes later I was met by a little girl absolutely covered in blue frosting off of the brand new package of sugar cookies. You know, those sugar cookies from the local bakery department of just about every major grocer in the US? The ones with the massive glob of frosting on top? Yeah… An entire package of those, frosting licked clean off and what wasn’t licked off was thrown on the ground or smeared around the kitchen table. 

Then I asked her to go take a package of wipes to Hubs so he could help her get cleaned up while I tended to B2 who wanted to keep right on nursing almost as soon as I put B1 down. In the middle of nursing B2 I dozed off yet again until Little returned saying she had washed her hands, proudly showing that she had cleaned her hands but still covered in frosting from nose to chin. I thought that was weird that Hubs would wipe off her hands but not her face, although before he is 100% awake Hubs is pretty much out of it. I assumed he fell back to sleep after wiping her hands much like I kept falling asleep while nursing.

Sure enough, I finally get out of bed and head out to the living room to find the entire pack of wipes emptied all over the living room floor and Hubs sound asleep. One thing after another ALL DAY LONG. Yet, I still managed to fix dinner and keep the kids relatively occupied and happy. I was about to lose my mind, but the children were cared for. That’s what’s most important right??