That Awkward Moment…

… When you’re getting ready to throw your old knife set away and start bawling like a child is going off to college.

There are the weirdest associations with things that I have no notice of until I go to get rid of them. They’re cheap kitchen knives that I’ve had for nearly ten years. Two of them are missing, all the blades are dull beyond repair, and it’s just time to upgrade, yet going to get rid of them makes me sentimental and weepy.

I don’t even know, but the knives will have to wait for their appointment with Ray’s until another day. I even have the new set to replace them sitting on the counter all ready to go. Yet, I just can’t seem to part with these old ones. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they are rather sentimental. I did get them when moving out on my own for the very first time, and they have been resoundingly hardy knives for being so inexpensive. lol.

Plus, they haven’t just served me as kitchen utensils. In the hight of my young adult insanity, I’d often carry one with me for protection, or keep one by my bedside at night (which is probably why two are missing) for the same reason. They carried me through all of my various scary encounters as a single young woman after my move across state lines too.

It’s still kind of a dumb thing to get all sentimental about, especially now that I don’t need them anymore. I’m sure they’ll find their way to the trash eventually, but right now not so much. Lol.