Hide and Seek

So, not actually having any immediate goals for 2016 had a little bit more of an affect on me than I thought. I was in a super funk for several days, racking my brain trying to come up with something which made me distracted and aloof. Not really depressed, but not exactly present in the moment either which generally leads me into depression if I don’t address it right away.

Seeing me sliding down that slippery slope, Hubs took it upon himself to get me out of the house and engaged in life again. We decided to go look at houses. We weren’t really seriously looking, more of brainstorming and planning for the future. We generally always go drive around on weekends anyway, looking at houses was just something fun to keep me from popping in my head phones and zoning out.

We WEREN’T seriously looking, but wandering into a new subdivision merely entertaining the seemingly outlandish thought of building a new home, we discovered that for as much house as we need in the market we’re looking at right now, building would actually be a better investment coming in at something like $50k-$100k less than buying a pre existing home with the exact same floor plan. Looking at the numbers online as we drove around the neighborhood intrigued us enough to stop by the model and ask for more details.

Long story, short: We’re calling our relator Monday to start the listing process for our current home, and working out the p’s and q’s of financing for our new home. Like… NEW, new home. YAY IMMEDIATE 2016 GOALS. Of course buying, selling, and building homes takes time and the end result itself will probably be outside of 2016, but I have lots to do to prepare our current home for sale which will keep me busy in the short term. Like the Twins weren’t keeping me busy enough… lol.

Depending on what we can work out in the financing department for the new house, and how much the current one sells for there is also another potential goal in the works, but that one is so dependent on what the numbers do I don’t really want to jinx it by talking about it just yet. It’s super exciting, and it really is killing me not to go off on a giant excited flurry about it but… I need to wait and be realistic so I’m not disappointed if it doesn’t work out.

2015 House of Hale: Baby All the Things.

2016 House of Hale: Invest All the Things.

I KNEW there was something awesome hiding on the horizon that I just hadn’t found yet…