Intuition 1, MD 0

So… At our follow up with the pediatrician after B2’s breathing fiasco, turns out there IS actually something wrong with his airway and we’re being shuffled off to yet another specialist. It’s disconcerting for two reasons. 1) because the ER Doctor missed it and we could have been sent home in crisis, 2) the issue seems to be right around his thyroid which makes me think the two issues are related. I’m not a doctor by any means, but commen sense and deductive reasoning say: hey. Kid is a month old, has two issues related to the same area on his body, probably connected. 

So… Yeah. The plot to B2’s health thickens, and my intuition was RIGHT! I knew something was wrong aside from nasal congestion… Doctors with their fancy degrees aren’t always right. Mama Bear knows better, plus I’ve been talking to my chiropractor about it and she thinks it might be related to his c-section birth. I have an appointment in with a pediatric chiropractor too. We’ll figure this out for my Little Man one way or another. :/ 

One thought on “Intuition 1, MD 0

  1. On the ER doc’s side, they do get a wide variety of crap thrown at them, and a lot of people don’t have as sharp an intuit as a newborn’s Mom. I think that is something that would be worthwhile to study. Meantime, always in the prayers. I know I said something like this before, but Teddy Roosevelt started out this way as well…


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