The Adventure Begins

This is probably the last live post you’ll see from me for a while blog friends. I have some stuff scheduled through out the month of December, but with the Babypacalypse on the horizon live blogging is going to take a back seat for a while. Lol. At least until the shock of two newborns wears off! 

I’m looking forward to the next few days. A bunch of my out of town friends are visiting for the holidays this year so I get to spend time with them, my Little is leaving to spend the week with her grandparents after our meal tomorrow giving Hubs and I one more glorious kid free weekend, and then BABIES!! NEXT WEEK. They’re finally going to be out of my middle and into my arms. 

I am so excited, and also a little bit anxious. It’s a fairly routine surgery, but it is still a major surgery to deliver my new Littles. I’ve never experienced a major surgery before. With my first Little I had a natural birth which didn’t really phase me. I mean it definitely didn’t tickle during recovery, but I only had to take a few doses of my super prescribed ibeuprophen. I never even picked up my narcotic prescription because I didn’t need it, or want to deal with it. 

Of course the human body is designed to deal with a natural birth much more efficiently than a surgical birth so… I think that’s the most nerve wrecking part going into it. The unknown factors of surgery and recovery. I’ve heard horror stories about c-sections, and stories where women have preferred to give birth that way saying it was easier than labor and such. It’s really not something I’m going to be able to gage until it happens. 

Although another glorious PTSD perk, I do have my extra stores of adrenalin, the extra endorphins that comes with it, and a double dose of oxytocin with two babies breastfeeding. Even though I miss out on the endorphins from labor I should come out okay… I guess we’ll see. Lol. 

Another part of the entire thing I’m a bit apprehensive about is the fact that for the first month I will only have an hour break between simply feeding them. That doesn’t really leave me time to do anything else with our oldest, or for myself. It is only for the first four weeks until they begin to spread out their feedings and I’m sure my milk supply is well established, but those first four weeks are going to be a challenge. 

Feed one kid for 20min, feed the other kid for 20min, pump for 20min. Rest for an hour and do it all over again, trying to switch kids between sides, experiment with different holds, and tend to my incision. Lol. This is why I’m not really planning on getting time to blog for a while. I don’t even know when I’m going to find time to sleep, let alone tend to my oldest who needs me just as much as the infants will with her sleeping issues. I’m getting tired just writing about it. Lol. 

It’s all temporary, just a few short blurry weeks, and then onto other challenges. As much as I’m a bit apprehensive I’m also pretty excited. Newborn snuggles!! I love newborn snuggles, and I get them times two! 

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