Gangsters, Hackers, and Russians

I’m having a bit of an existential crisis here. Our own government is basically sitting here twiddling their thumbs while the rest of the world rises to fight against the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, whatever name they’re going by these days) and the only ones who have decided to step up and do something about it are a roudy band of criminals. 

That’s right. Anonymous, Ghost Security, and even the Sicilian Mob are actually DOING something against our collective enemy, yet our politicians do nothing but rant and pick at each other during this campaign season, or sit back and watch the mess get worse. Then we have Putin over there sending puppies to France, and spouting off amazing bad ass quotes, which is an unusually Western World thing to do. *throws arms up*

The world has lost its damn mind, and completely flipped on its head. Everything we know is wrong! Bad guys doing heroic things, and heros running in shame or simply ignoring the problem. I’m far too set in my ways to deal with this massive shift in values that seems to be happening. Lol. 

Oh this mess… Just keeps on getting messier. How on Earth can I feel compelled to root for the same people who fund human trafficking, prostitution, illegal drugs, gambling, etc? The dictator who oppresses and controls his people to the point where they can’t even speak out against him with out fear of death? Those who make navigating and expression of unpopular opinions on the interwebs increasingly difficult? And yet…. I find myself thinking: “Well, go get em guys.” 

It makes me feel icky morally, yet some how safer to exist in the world to know that not everyone is going to roll over and allow Islamic State to continue their vicious attacks on innocents. Yes, when the Mob has issues with your values… lol. Oh Good Lord.

3 thoughts on “Gangsters, Hackers, and Russians

  1. It is in the best interest of the Untied States not to defeat ISIS. It is why we helped create them. It has been policy since the first Bush administration (not W) to throw the middle east into chaos in order to prevent them from being able to back those who would attack Israel or out oil interests. The spread of terrorist incidents outside the middle east is dismissed as unfortunate, but collateral damage. There is actually a leaked document that basically sums up the idea. Any President since has inherited this policy and is convinced by the entrenched military-industrial complex this is the best thing to do in order to prevent any middle eastern nation we are not friendly with from gaining any power.


  2. Hmm… I can see that, but at least the other presidents before managed to fake it much better than Obama, not sending the general public into mass hysteria. I can’t tell if the American people are just getting smarter and finally waking up, or the Administration just no longer gives a flip about anything aside from their own agenda.

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  3. I think some are waking up. Bush II did not do a good job of it at all, but everyone was still feeling the 9/11 rebound. Bush I hid it better, and it wasn’t fully implemented until Bush II. Clinton had it going too, but less so than Bush II and probably at the same levels as Bush I. The sad fact is that terrorism is good for business and popularity. It galvanizes people and allows money to flow freely to the DOD and contractors.

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