The Perks of Being Implusive

I don’t remember if I mentioned it here or not, but our refrigerator gave out on us a while a go. We went searching high and low for a new one, focusing primarily on size since our fridge nook is very tight. There were a few things we preferred to have if we could find one the right size for the right price, but we didn’t really look in depth once we found an affordable one that would fit.

We purchased it a few weeks ago, and they delivered it today. While we were getting everything arranged we discovered all of these awesome things. Lol. Like we knew the particular model had water in the door, but it doesn’t have an ice despenser so we assumed it didn’t come with an ice maker at all. Low and behold, it does!! It’s just in the freezer and not the door. It also has a door alarm, and all sorts of other awesome things we never even thought possible on a modern fridge! Lol. 

Like it was exciting to get a new working fridge, and then things just kept on getting better! Sometimes my implusivity pays off. Sometimes lol. 

Hubs and Little exploring the awesome fridge features.

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