I’m Alive, if Barely

Between figuring out the Little’s sleep shenanigans, getting together all the few remaining things for the Twins, still making a faint attempt at NaNoWriMo, and my body just being over pregnancy I haven’t felt like writing anything substantial in almost two weeks. 

Oh, there are plenty of things I wish to say regarding the insanity surrounding the Starbucks cups, Holiday fervor, and the like but my mind is pretty much mush. Lol. All I want to do is sleep, but all I’m able to do is run around after a hyper toddler, wash dishes and do laundry. I’m sad to say I haven’t even been able to really keep up with reading my usual slew of blogs because I fall asleep in the middle of most posts. 

Which is a shame because a lot of fellow WriMos are publishing really good stuff, and I want to read and contribute to their feedback. Blargh…. The exhaustion is REAL and the new babies haven’t even arrived yet lol.