Fingers Crossed

After waiting nearly all day to hear back from the pediatrician regarding her suggestion to give the Little melatonin, we might finally have an answer!! 

It actually doesn’t have anything to do with my personal theories, or anything the doctor suggested. While I was reading a bazillion articles online about melatonin and getting more frustrated by the second, I stumbled across a link to an article about second hand smoke being linked to hyper activity in kids. Hubs has smoked for years, and usually smokes outside. During the winter he comes in to the garage, which is attached to the house but not directly. I knew some of it was wafting in because it’s smoke, that’s what smoke does. I know it’s also horrible for us, and keep constantly harassing Hubs to quit. I just never knew that it could have THAT affect on our Little. 

It fits perfectly with our scenario, explains why the Little’s episodes are around the same time every year, but not the exact same dates, and it’s easy to fix. Because Hubs only comes in to smoke when the weather is cold, that’s when the Little’s episodes flair up. If he stops smoking inside, we shouldn’t have anymore issues. I really need him to stop smoking AT ALL, but as long as he stays outside that’s really the most important thing right now. 

Oh I do really hope that’s all it takes to help my Little. I was about to Mama Bear rage on the doctor’s staff today… I love our doctor, like seriously. She’s the best. Trying to leave phone messages via the staff is frustrating. I know our doctor well enough by now to understand she wouldn’t suggest melatonin a hormone that INCREASES the chances of hallucinations and night mares in children, to TREAT my Little’s night mares and possible hallucinations. Yet, somehow that’s what the nurse got back to me with. 

She also seems convinced that Little’s episodes are related to Halloween. If they happened every year around Halloween, and we actually participated in Halloween every year, okay sure. But no! It isn’t consistent with Oct 31st, or Daylight Savings. It IS consistent with Hubs’ smoking patterns so… Fingers crossed everyone!! We’re counting down the days until Baby-pacalyse here. I need to fix this sleep issue with Little with a quickness to ease her transition into Big Sisterhood.