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Three weeks prior to the scheduled arrival of the Twins, and my Little is in the throes of her annual sleep disturbance, behavioral issues, nightmare inducing WHATEVER. She’s had the same reoccurring issues around the same time each year since she was one year old, tossing in several seizure episodes last year. Something is not okay with my Little, but trying to determine exactly what it is, has proved quite challenging. I want to get her in for a mental evaluation, but her pediatrician is reluctant due to various circumstances. My Mama Bear intuition, is telling me something else is going on in my Little’s development, but there is also a hint of self doubt mixed in which is why I’m trying to work with her pediatrician.

My Little shows 95% of the symptoms for pediatric bipolar disorder. The disorder itself runs rampant in Hubs’ family, and the focus of my studies has been child psych. It’s not just a wild hare I pulled from a hat, and good Lord I wouldn’t wish a mental issue on my Little for anything under the sun. If my Little is struggling with this, I want to get her proper help and treatment ASAP. I don’t want to wait until she’s in the middle of adolescence, because adolescence is hard enough without trying to combat an undiagnosed disorder. Unfortunately, because she’s still forming her personality, and in the middle of major life changing events the doctor is pretty much telling us to just wait it out.

Totally okay and understandible for a first time occurrence. Three years in? Come on Doc… This is more than normal developmental transitioning. Which is irritating on several levels. Medically our pediatrician is AMAZING. Love her, the way she interacts with the Little, and the fact that she’s a twin mom is an even better bonus. When it comes to mental health, she’s just not quite up to par.

But then, like I said, I have a little bit of self doubt surrounding the entire issue because I’m not a certified professional at the moment, and I don’t want to project anything onto my Little based on my incomplete knowledge. So I’m trying my best to listen to those who have greater experience and knowledge, but there is still the nagging maternal instinct, twinge.  As any parent, especially mothers know, you can literally FEEL when something isn’t right with your child. 

I’ve also tried everything to get my Little back to baseline that I could think of before getting the doctor involved. I eliminated all artificial sugars from her diet, limited her TV time and the shows she watches, adhered to her strictest of strict schedules and nothing helped. She met all the age appropriate criteria for mania for five days, then crashed into a melancholy for three days before returning to her normal self. The same way she has done each year for the past two years around October/November. She’s also had two other seemingly random episodes, but none as lengthy or predictable as her Fall whatever. 

She actually cycles with Hubs. Whenever he’s feeling a bit off kilter, the Little is off kilter too. Maybe it isn’t so much bipolar as it is sensitivity related issues, but it is definitely SOMETHING going on. There is a definite difference between tired, anxious toddler, and manic meltdown. I can sooth her when she’s overly tired or anxious. When whatever gets her going in the Fall, there is nothing I can do but keep her from hurting herself, clean up her trail of distruction, and wait until it’s over. It breaks my heart. 😦 

2 thoughts on “Mental Health Parenting

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your little. How is he? I’m not a professional too of mental issues, but I am passionate about the topic.
    Maybe it won’t hurt to do some tests, but how old is he/ she? The answers to those test will depend entirely on his personality type.
    She/he may be still forming his/her personality, but I know that personality is hereditary.
    I’m sure your little somehow already have a tendency to act or react in some ways that will indicate a pattern to a personality.
    Maybe they can compare the baseline to the child developmental stages.
    Every child has their own phase, but no matter what phase he is, he is bound to fit a category or personality type, or criteria that will let you know if it’s normal for his/her age or not.
    I hope he gets well soon.
    Good luck.


  2. She’s only three, in the final stages of forming her personality, which is why I wasn’t too worried about it until this year. It’s a definite pattern of behavior, and it’s getting worse as she gets older and more aware of herself. Even if they couldn’t diagnose her with anything specific right now, it’s like you said. They should be able to compare her to developmental progress. We’ll just have to wait.


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