Wellness Woes

I got an amusing letter from our insurance company trying to convince me to enroll in their wellness counseling program to avoid a further increase in my doctors visits next year. Uh… Yeah. The only reason my doctors visits have increased this year is due to my pregnancy. A quite temporary ailment which will resolve itself here shortly, something that should be fairly obvious to the company who’s been paying my bills….

It kind of makes me nervous about their willingness to pay for my upcoming surgery if they’re worried about the number of doctors visits I’ve had this year, especially since absolutely every visit has been pregnancy related. Aside from my normal WELLNESS chiropractic, and a substantially DECREASED few visits to my therapist after my miscarriage. Like yeah… Think I’m doing alright in the wellness department there Insurance. It’s just these pesky kids growing inside of me, throwing my body out of whack. 

Plus, I’m the healthiest one out of the Hale Lot at the moment with my lifestyle choices. I don’t smoke, rarely drink (when I’m not pregnant obviously lol), exercise five days a week, eat well, and do my best to get enough sleep. I’ve lost almost 50lbs before pregnancy, my mental issues are in remission, like… What else is there to counsel me on? I got this. Lol.

I’m sure it was just an automated response letter sent out to everyone who significantly surpassed their annual out of pocket expenses. It just made me chuckle.