Adulting is Hard

Our fridge has been on the fritz for several weeks now. The Little messed with the controls, and it hasn’t been right since. It’s not shutting off, keeping things too cold. Which is better than the alternative problem of not cooling at all, but we’re still losing groceries weekly. So we set out in search of a new fridge. We had in mind what we wanted and about how much we wanted to spend, but after we measured our fridge nook all of THOSE plans went straight out the window. 

While the living quarters of our home have been changed a million times by previous owners, the kitchen has remained exactly the same since 1974 when the house was built. Refrigerators have gotten MUCH larger than they were back in the 70’s. Even the basic, plain Jane, white top and bottom fridge which we had when we moved in has less than a 1″ clearance to fit in the nook, and it’s 25 years old! It took us three days of Internet searching, but we finally found ONE model which has everything we wanted and will fit in our nook. 

Unfortunately, because it is that ONE model, and it’s an odd size it has a large price tag to go with it. It’s almost $1000 over what we wanted to spend, especially considering we wanted white, basic, no frills to match the rest of our appliances. I’m a little bit shocked honestly at the price of this standard white appliance, even more so the fact that we can’t just go buy one. It’s a special order! Not the model, not the brand, but the white. I know stainless is super trendy and all the rage right now, but in my 1974 kitchen? Lol. Nope. Not happening. Both because stainless appliances tend to be larger, and because it looks awkward. 

Now if we had a kitchen big enough to accommodate stainless appliances, sure I’d love to have them. I just don’t understand why basic appliances have become “specialty” items. Lol. Going in looking for them, the sales people look at me like I’m nuts. I know it’s their job to up sell and what not, but they are genuinely surprised when I’m not interested in anything but basic. I know I’m a youngish American adult, but I’m also a frugal youngish American. Apparently a rare sight around here. 

What we really wanted to do was replace our washer, dryer, and fridge in one fell swoop since they came with my first house and are all nearing the end of their life span. They’ve lived long, productive lives and for the most part still function for basic needs. It’s just that we only have one setting on the washer that works, it sounds like a freight train during the spin cycle, and the dryer won’t dry unless it’s on high heat. Still much more than a lot of other people have, since we own them and they are in our home, but it would be nice to know my clothes are actually getting clean and dried, instead of half sloshed around with soap and burnt. Lol. We were hoping to get a good deal on all three, but since the fridge decided to konk out on us before the end of the year, we don’t have too much choice in the matter. 

It’s frustrating, because part of me wants to wait until the fridge stops cooling to replace it. We have two new Littles set to arrive any day now. I don’t feel like throwing down $1500 on a fridge we don’t desperately need. Yet, if we wait for the old one to completely give up the ghost we risk it happening at the worst possible moment. You know, during a blizzard, or when Hubs is out of town hunting and it’s just me and the kids, or after I fill it with months worth of breastmilk for the Twins, or any combination of the above scenarios lol. 

Adulting is hard… 

5 thoughts on “Adulting is Hard

  1. Adulting is stupid. It’s one reason I’d be totally okay with living in an apartment for the rest of my life. I don’t think my wife shares my sentiments, however.

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  2. Having lived on a farm for part of my childhood, I can honestly say it’s awful. I hate commutes enough as it is…I can’t imagine living on a farm again.

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  3. As a new member of apartment living I’ve got to say I’m not missing the “home” owner life, I do miss having a yard and such though. Do you all have a “scratch n dent” type of store near you? Sometimes you can find amazing deals on new appliances there!

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  4. We looked at a few scratch and dents. That’s what we wanted, but our fridge nook is such an odd size we couldn’t find any. Curse my tiny awkward Tetris house! Lol.

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