Rounding the Bend

Had what could be my last ultrasound today. Both babies are doing great! B1 finally caught up with B2 growth wise, placentas look great, heart beats are strong, and B2 has a head full of hair. B1 wouldn’t cooperate enough to get anything aside from his required measurements so his hair status is still a mystery, but that’s more of a fun personal fact than any sort of indication of health lol.

 I’m into the biweekly appointments with my OB so I’ll see him Friday to go over everything again. B2 is all sorts of twisted around but still not where he belongs, which doesn’t really matter since we’ve opted for the surgery anyway, but I actually couldn’t believe how twisted and contorted he was. His head is resting just underneath my last rib on my right side, and his little bottom is squished right up into my bellybutton. He’s facing toward my back, and always has his hands up by his ears. He’s either very sensitive to light and sound, or he’s going to be very shy.

Little B1 is almost exactly the opposite. His face is pressed right up against my cervix, with his little body all sorts of contorted around his brother leaving his feet lodged firmly in the left side of my rib cage. He turns around to investigate everything, new sounds, lights, whenever I eat a new food he gets extra wiggly. He’s also the one giving me the most trouble as he keeps trying to break on out of there. Lol. Sadly for him, my cervix is still long and rock solid. He can bump up against it all he wants, but it’s not a viable exit at this point. Which honestly might be why it hasn’t effaced yet. 

My body takes forever to keep a viable pregnancy, but once it does I go forever. Great for the health of my Littles, ever so annoying for giant pregnant mom here. I’ve got ten pounds of baby in there, plus the average 24lbs of other stuff. That is a LOT of wiggly weight to be carrying around in my midsection and we still have four weeks to go. 

Just four more weeks to go!!