Going Solo

Hubs only has five days left of his allowed vacation this year. Since we’ve opted for the c-section I’ll be spending 3-4 days in the hospital. So… he’s taking the day off to be there for the actual birth, but then he’s planning on heading back to work until I’m discharged from the hospital. I mean, it makes the most sense. I don’t need his help in the hospital surrounded by medical staff. I need his help at home. It was my decision. I was the one who suggested the idea in the first place, but Hubs is having a bit of a hard time with it. He’s reluctantly agreed to it because that’s what I want, but I can tell he’s less than thrilled with the idea. lol.

I really don’t have a problem being there by myself with the Twins. If it was my first experience with infants? Uh yeah. Nope. Hubs isn’t going anywhere. lol. Since this is my second round at the rodeo, it’s not nearly as intimidating. It will be more challenging with two babies, and recovering from surgery for sure, but we didn’t really rely on the hospital staff hardly at all with our first Little. I think we missed an opportunity there. I mean, that’s their JOB to take care of patients. Not that I plan on being super needy or a patient nightmare, but I do think I can ask for a little bit more help. Plus, if I don’t get what I need for myself or the Twins from the staff I have zero qualms raising hell lol.

That, and Hubs only works 8hrs. I’m sure he’ll visit every morning before heading in (a bonus to second shift) and it’s only a few days. A few looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong horrible days tied to a hospital bed. Ugh… I was only in there two nights with our first Little. I’m dreading the long stay more than anything else about the arrival. It can’t be helped with the surgical delivery, but… yeah. Not looking forward to it at all. I’m not entirely looking forward to the entourage of family that’s going to be there on the birthday either… It won’t be as awkward this time since I won’t actually be laboring. They just get to show up after the deed is done and snuggle the Twins. lol. The first time was awful. Especially while I was in triage, before the epidural. Hubs’ family is very private about everything. I’m not. Stripped down to my skivvies, sitting sprawled out on the bed, powering my way through contractions, I didn’t give two hoots about how I looked and here they are trying to cover me up. If it had been completely up to me, I would have scrapped the gown all together and let nature take it’s course, but everyone wanted to be there to “support” me. No… GTFO, that’s what I wanted. Hubs, the staff, and eventually our Little. That’s what I want this time too, and thankfully while I’m in recovery I’ll at least get a little more privacy, time to bond and establish a decent nursing routine. It’s like the anti-support team the first day after birth, but it would be more of an issue and dramatic hoopla if I put my foot down and insisted no one visit until the second day so… I’ll live.

On to less whiney news:

It’s Halloween!! I’m looking forward to taking the Little out this evening, and I’m super excited Hubs actually gets to participate this year. He even helped me make my costume. A few weeks back I had said I wanted to be James and the Giant Peach, or Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin being all pregnant and round, but Hubs wanted to take a different approach. Sooooooooooooo…..


Hubs will be going as Chuck Noland of Castaway (Tom Hanks), and I am WIILLLLLLLLLSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOON. lol. Well technically the Twins are Wilson, I’m just sporting the shirt. Hubs is very much a Tom Hanks fan, and I mean really… couldn’t say no because it is a rather clever idea. It’s been done before, especially since the movie has been around for ages. Although, since it’s not a current movie I don’t think I’ll run into any other Wilsons out and about lol. We let Little pick her costume out for the first time this year. She chose to be a Gypsy. I’m fairly certain it was just because of the jangling shiny fake coins that came with it, but it is what she wanted and she has been talking about it all week. This is the first year she’s actually been able to participate, and is aware of what’s going on. She’s going to have so much fun. Nothing quite like watching your Little experience something so exciting. *sigh* Favorite part of parenting right there!!