The Month of Blog Neglect

Ahhhhhh…. the last week of October, where NaNoWriMo takes over and leaves blogs neglected hither and yon. lol. For those not familiar with the acronym NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. A race against the clock to reach a completely new work of fiction totaling no less than 50,000 words in 30 days. It doesn’t have to be written well, it doesn’t have to be edited or ready for publication, just as long as it’s new, original, and 50,000 words.

I’ve participated over the past few years, reading my goal more often than not. Although once I started my recovery writing most of my energy went into that and took a lot away from my creative fictional writing. This year, now that I’m done writing for my recovery, and more than likely looking at bed rest during the month of November as I finish out my pregnancy, I decided to give it another go. Which means my poor little blog will be neglected probably until February of next year or whenever I can get into a routine with the Twins. lol. Which I guess isn’t really a bad thing. I haven’t had much substance to my blogging for a while now that life has emotionally settled down a bit.

I suppose that’s the problem when writing for emotional stability. Once you achieve said stability there really isn’t much else to write about lol. Sure, the mundane things of my life but my best posts are born of controversy and emotionality, not a mundane regurgitation of my daily events. So perhaps this break during November for creative writing will be good for me? Or I’ll find my zip and zing again after the Twins arrive and my life is turned upside down.

I also only got one guest post submission after my plea to other bloggers to help fill the void during my postpartum recovery, so… clearly it’s a sign that perhaps my blog needs a break. I still plan on reading many of my favorite blogs at least as much as I can, I just don’t know how much I’m going to be able to actually produce anything of substance myself. *shrugs*

Adorable cake, and awesome onesies.
In other news, the baby shower was what I would call a success! It was horribly awkward having only one of my sisters there, all of my inlaws who I don’t really speak to regularly, and then a few of my friends from the gym. Hubs’ family took up nearly an entire table, then my friends sat at the opposite table, leaving me in limbo. I spoke to everyone, and tried to interact but it was like to completely separate worlds colliding. I am the crazy black sheep of Hubs’ family, everything about the way I live my life is basically foreign to them. I’m rude, crude, outlandish, and unconventional. SO… while I’m having a good time interacting with my friends, Hubs’ family was sitting across the room appalled and embarrassed.

After 30 weeks you lose all semblance of grace and poise. lol.
Then I wasn’t really sure where to sit. There wasn’t enough room for anyone else at Hubs’ family’s table, but I didn’t want to completely snub them and sit with my friends so… I sat awkwardly at a third table with my sister. It was an open house type thing so my friends didn’t stay very long, which was okay with me. I didn’t expect everyone to be there all three hours, and once it was just Hubs’ family I at least knew “how to behave” to not offend anyone. lol. Argh… Overall, aside from being awkward, the whole thing was really well put together and thoughtful. I’m genuinely appreciative of the effort put forth to organize it, and everyone’s generous gifts.

It really made me sort of doubt my social skills. A set of social skills that differs OUTRAGEOUSLY from the skills Hubs’ family has. We’ve been married for nearly five years. This shouldn’t continue to be an issue and yet it is. I’m just playing along at this point. Doing and saying what Hubs’ tells me is acceptable, and moving on. Really, it makes me wonder how on Earth I get along with my husband as much as I clash with his family. lol. We do, we work, in some weird way that defies scientific explanation, but we’re quite happy together. lol.

What else happened, aside from the drama explosion with my mother? Oh I went up to the chiropractor and got myself kinesio taped back together, which has taken SO MUCH STRESS off of my core I’m actually able to keep up with just about everything housework wise and entertain my Little. I mean I’m still super pregnant, but I can actually breathe again and it doesn’t feel like my bump is tearing away from the rest of my body. lol. It’s kind of amazing how much a few little strips of sticky cotton placed over the right muscles actually change how your muscles function. I’m so glad my OB approved it, because now I can tape myself back up after the Twins arrive and speed my recovery. Which means…. I can get back to the gym sooner!! Whoo hoo!!

RockTape is MAGIC.
I really do miss my daily workouts, but just keeping up with things around the house has been workout enough for me these past few weeks, and trying to keep up with two newborns and a toddler while recovering from major surgery will be enough after the fact. Especially right around the holidays. Boy… it’s going to be a challenge for sure!