Happy Birthday!

We have a birthday! Or, at least a birth plan for the Twins. Hubs and I finally decided to go ahead and opt for a c-section. With B2 being bigger than B1, even if he were to stay head down for birth there are just too many other risks. Plus, my doctor just informed me today that the newest recommendation for permanent contraception is now to completely remove the Fallopian tubes as opposed to merely severing them. EXACTLY what I wanted!! Absolute zero chance of any sort of pregnancy after the surgery. I was hesitant to go through with it because of the risk of regrowth or failure, but with this new procedure? Yes!! Take those suckers right out. I’m done with them. Lol. Anyway, if I were to have a natural delivery they would have to schedule a separate surgery for the… Fancy medical name for removing the tubes that I can’t remember… But if I have a c-section they can do everything all at once. Better for my body, and better for our pocket book since I’ve met my out of pocket expenses for the year. It just works out. 

There are some downsides to the surgery. A longer recovery period, and a difficult start to breastfeeding unless I go into labor before hand. If my hormones fluctuate initiating labor, breastfeeding will take off just like a natural delivery. If I go in on our scheduled date without my hormones fluctuating, it’s going to take a moment for my body to catch up. I’m not entirely opposed to supplementing with formula if we absolutely have to, but I really do want breast milk to be their main source of nutrition as long as possible in their first year. There are some tips and tricks I can employ to sort of initiate my milk supply without the hormonal flux, but none of them are 100% reliable. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Right now we’re scheduled for December 1st, and there really is no indication that I will go into labor before then. Which is great for the health of the babies, health and sanity of the mama? Lol. Well… We’ll see. 

That takes me to 38 weeks, a week later than usual but the week before is Thanksgiving and my doctor is going on vacation. Lol. There is still a chance I will go into labor on my own before Dec 1st, but at least having the birth plan in place I’ll get directly shipped to the OR instead of delivering B1 naturally, and ending up in surgery to deliver B2. *shudders* Now THAT would be a brutal delivery, and recovery even if it is my last. Not something I would look forward to! 

Plus, Hubs and I decided if the Twins arrived in December we would celebrate their birthday in June along with mine. That’s kind of special since our fist Little is so close to Hubs. So either way really, if I have to suffer until 38 weeks, at least I’ll share a birthday celebration with them. Lol.