Sleep Wins

I’ve actually had quite a bit going on this week that I wanted to sit down and write about… unfortunately my body said: HA! NOPE. So I passed out asleep instead, each and every time I got to my computer. I feel this will most likely be a continuing trend until the Twins arrive, whether I truly want it to be that way or not.

Anyway, my freezer is now full of glorious meals prepared by Artie’s Paleo on the Go in preparation for my postpartum recovery. I’ve made it allllll the way to 32 weeks, this week so I am hoping my new arrivals are soon on the horizon. I know, I know. The longer they are in there cooking the less chance of health defects, risks, etc. I want healthy babies, but OMG I ALSO WANT TO BREATHE. Right now I have the equivalent of a 12lb single baby sitting on my chest, and it’s not fun. Yes, yes. Whine complain, healthy pregnancy, blah blah blah. I know. I’m very fortunate to be so uncomfortable and have these healthy Littles. That doesn’t discount the fact that I need oxygen to survive to parent them after they’re born, nor my current discomfort.

The hardest part of having all this delicious food stocked up in my freezer is that I want to eat it all RIGHT NOW, instead of waiting until the babies arrive. lol. ht trying to refrain, but… it’s just so delicious!! There are still a few more things I want to add to our stock before the babies are born to accent the Artie’s and give us a bit more variety over the six-eight week recovery, but the main dishes are squared away.

I totally forgot about my baby shower this weekend until I got a notification on Facebook. At least I think I’m still having a shower, no one has said anything for a week or two so… who knows? lol. I assume some one would have told me if the event had been canceled for any reason, but… then again perhaps not? It was kind of a random on a whim type deal so I guess I’ll find out on Saturday lol.

Some girl in Nowheresville named Megan is also apparently super pregnant, because I’ve had several people drive by and yell: “Hi Megan!” at me this past week. Yeah… I’m not Megan, so I don’t respond, which is getting under the skin of the drive by well wishers. I took Little to get some new winter boots if this weather ever makes up it’s mind, and while we were walking out of the shoe store some group of kids drives by yelling: “Hi Megan!” out the window. When I didn’t respond, they circled back around and yelled again even louder to which I finally responded: “I’m not Megan!” but it didn’t seem to phase them.

Is there some sort of internet joke I’m missing out on here? Has “megan” become some sort of insult to pregnant women? Or are Megan’s friends just so dense that they really can’t tell the difference between their friend and a random stranger about town? I mean really… lol.

Ooaf. Sleep is winning again. Either exhaustion, or extreme anemia. I really can’t tell. I’m supposed to be taking these horse sized iron pills to supplement my already crazy prenatal vitamins, but every time I take them as prescribed my stomach does horrible things and I feel worse than before. I’m heading to the doctor tomorrow to hopefully figure out an alternative. I definitely don’t want to be going into birth super anemic, but these pills are killing me. Yet another reason why I am so glad this pregnancy is almost over. My body is just simply giving out the longer these Littles cook. Which makes sense, that’s how it works. Your body hosts your baby as long as it possibly can before expelling it. Getting toward the end of the pregnancy when my reserves are just so spread thin, is miserable. Miserable in an exciting way, but miserable none the less.

And I am rambling around with no clear purpose for this post. So much I want to say, yet no ability to spit it out onto the screen. Pregnancy Brain 9000!!! lol