Rural Life 

Hi there, yet another weekend post. I actually sat down to write it yesterday but exhaustion kicked in and I never got around to it. The third trimester is by far my least favorite part of pregnancy. Can’t eat, can’t breathe, can’t move, can’t sleep, and can’t get any better until the baby(ies) arrive! Plus this go around the exhaustion is real! I went to the store, and watched the kids in the daycare at the gym for an hour today and required a four hour nap to recover. My body is just done hosting these two extra humans. DONE, but we still have several weeks to go. Argh!! 

I’m really trying hard not to complain because it’s all part of a long healthy pregnancy. After all the trouble I’ve gone through trying to get to this point it seems ungrateful. I’m just plain miserable. Thankful that I’m miserable, but argh!! 

In other less whiney news: I’ve discovered a perk of rural life. I complain about my dear little Nowheresville quite a lot, but then we have things like this. 

I received these diapers and wipes as a gift from my chiropractor and her staff! Where else are you going to get such a generous gift from a chiropractor but good ol’ small town USA? So… Next time I start going on a rant about how far I have to drive to the store, or how difficult it is to something because of the tiny little town just refer me to this here as a reminder to stfu. Lol.

Oh let’s see what else? Since my mom is here helping with the Little, Hubs and I get to enjoy a date night tonight. Not entirely sure where we’re going to go or what we’re going to do but we do get a few hours alone Little free! Probably our last night out before the next batch of Littles arrive. That will make a whopping, record breaking, FOUR nights out this year!! Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! Lol.

Not going to lie, I love my Littles. I’m also glad to be moving on to the next stage of my life, where I can truly continue to focus on bettering myself while raising the Littles instead of putting things on hold while planning for more Littles. Lol. No more: “well I want to do this, but if/when I get pregnant again it will just mess things up so I guess I won’t.” No more excuses! Which is a little scary too, but exciting mostly. Kind of like welcoming a new bunch to our family. A little bit scary and a whole lot exciting.